the eco-responsible tire that promotes autonomy

the eco-responsible tire that promotes autonomy Auto

the eco-responsible tire that promotes autonomy

After being forgotten, tires suitable for electric vehicles are resurfacing. It is now Michelin’s turn to announce the e-Primacy.

At the dawn of the democratization of the electric car, some manufacturers have entered the segment of specific tires for electric cars. Fitted on the first Renault ZOEs, the Michelin Energy E-V was quickly abandoned in favor of the more versatile Energy Saver. The Clermont-Ferrand brand is now back to give electric cars a soft eye.

It is therefore the turn of the Michelin e-Primacy to see the light of day. Unlike the reference raised, this new profile is not aimed exclusively at electric cars, but its recipe has been adapted to promote autonomy. Its secret: lower resistance to friction of around 27% compared to other premium third-party proposals. According to the manufacturer, it saves 7% on an electric car. This would correspond to a gain of 33 km for a Hyundai Kona Electric for example, announced at 484 km of WLTP range with its Michelin Primacy.

Obtaining the letter B in the chapter on wet grip, the Michelin e-Primacy also reduces its ecological footprint in terms of CO2. Still according to Clermont-Ferrand measurements, this tire shows a gain of 174 kg of CO2 over its entire lifespan.

The most eco-responsible tire on the market according to Michelin

The ecological considerations of e-Primacy are not limited to its sole use. Michelin qualifies its new reference as the “most eco-responsible” tire. This takes into account all stages of the chain, from the extraction of raw materials to recycling, through production or transport from “local” production plants in Europe.

The Michelin e-Primacy will be available in March 2021, with a catalog of 56 sizes ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches. Representing savings of € 80 after 35,000 km of use according to Michelin, this tire will initially be offered as an aftermarket. But its arrival in factory original equipment should not be long in order to promote the WLTP autonomy of electric cars. A value that is one of the main purchasing criteria.


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