the electric compact starts strong in Norway

the electric compact starts strong in Norway Auto

the electric compact starts strong in Norway

With 1,989 units sold in September, the German compact makes a sensational entry into the Norwegian market where it monopolizes nearly 20% of electric car sales.

After peaking at more than 10,700 registrations in March 2019, monthly sales of electric passenger cars had become more modest in Norway: between 3,423 and 7,428 units. Until this month of September 2020, when they were 9,560 to be newly launched on the roads of the territory. Although not a record, the fact is notable. The increase, compared to the same month of 2019, is 57%. This saves annual sales: 48,175 electric passenger cars from January to the end of September 2020, against 49,483 for the same period in 2019.

What is even more remarkable is that for its first appearance in the figures, the Volkswagen ID.3 is a real hit: it is the best-selling electric model in Norway in September 2020, and even quite simply in first place for passenger cars, all supply energies combined.

With 1,989 units registered last month, it alone does more than all simple hybrids (1,130 units), down almost 20% compared to September 2019. Behind it, the Tesla Model 3, with 1,116 new units registered, and the Polestar 2 (937), which also comes up in the monthly sales figures. New surprise then, with the MG ZS EV which ranks in 4th place (672).

It should be noted that electrics represented 61.5% of passenger car sales in Norway in September 2020.

Source: OFV

Author’s opinion

Shattering arrivals of new electric car models in monthly sales figures are not uncommon. The one-month phenomenon, however, is not a sure sign of the long-term success the Volkswagen ID.3 will meet. And the same would be true for any other cool car that hits the market.

If we suspect that the new registrations of VW’s electric compact should be satisfactory in the 4th quarter of 2020, we must not forget that the first units produced were selected to be put back in a more or less complete configuration. No wonder when you turn on the delivery tap, the flow is important.

If this flow is important, it is of course also because many motorists have been won over by Volkswagen’s new electric car.

Either way, whether in Norway, France, or elsewhere in Europe, the coming months will be decisive in confirming, or not, whether there is a real ID.3 phenomenon. Personally, I bet on “Yes”.


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