the electric sportswoman in action (video)

the electric sportswoman in action (video) Auto

the electric sportswoman in action (video)

The star brand releases a 13-minute video in which the incredible electric prototype inspired by the movie Avatar is tested by Danish TV presenter Felix Smith.

Between his different tests, he interviewed Golden Wagener, Vera Schmidt and Alexander Dang in turn, who were behind the creation of the Mercedes Vision AVTR at Daimler.

The Top Gear Denmark presenter was able to take control of the machine. No steering wheel or pedals: walking and change of direction are controlled from the center console, by placing their hand on a luminous sensory lever which identifies the driver by his heart and respiratory rhythms.

This sensor, placed between the 2 seats, allows the vehicle to be driven both by the 2 passengers seated in the front, the one on the right, and the one on the left. All 4 wheels are directional, with the rear wheels orienting parallel to the front wheels for crabbing, or opposing for shorter turns.

The designers of the Vision AVTR envisioned some form of fusion between the driver and his car. This is characterized by a modulation of light forms approaching humans.

The prototype is also intended to communicate. With the passengers, but also with the outside. In addition to the digital grille that allows messages to be displayed, scales at the rear change position depending on the piloting, tilting to the right or left depending on the direction taken, and forwards or forwards. ‘rear depending on whether the machine accelerates or slows down.

Author’s opinion

Of course, as it stands, this concept could not legally roll on our roads. But it gives an idea of ​​what is possible to imagine for tomorrow with technologies already available.

It’s hard to think that it will be possible to select the different active devices by closing your hand on the icon that appears in the palm and symbolizes each of them. The transparent roof, which becomes opaque to create an atmosphere on demand, appears almost already seen, next to it.

In theory, the Mercedes Vision AVTR carries batteries free of rare or toxic metals and completely recyclable. They would even be compostable at the end of their life. It is unlikely that it is already such a pack that powers the machine today. It will probably take a few more years to develop it.

At least this prototype electric car is not an empty shell. We can applaud the automaker’s effort in presenting its Vision AVTR in real driving situations.


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