The Volkswagen ID.3 cheaper to run than a Tesla Model 3

Volkswagen ID.3 2020 Auto

Volkswagen ID.3 2020

To appeal to customers, Volkswagen has announced that the new ID.3 is less expensive to use than the Golf. According to ADAC, the German electric compact is also more advantageous than the Tesla Model 3.

Besides the ecological considerations that we are all familiar with, the electric car also has the advantage of being more affordable than a traditional thermal car with much more measured running costs. This is the case of the Volkswagen ID.3, which is shown to be more affordable than the Golf. But the recent compact from Wolfsburg is also less expensive to operate than the Tesla Model 3.

This is what confirms a recent study by the German organization ADAC, which decided to compare the Volkswagen ID.3 against its thermal sister, but also to other proposals in the electric segment. To obtain its results, ADAC relied on a five-year holding period with an annual mileage of 15,000 km. Thus, taking into account the purchase price of the Volkswagen ID.3 in its Pro Performance version (in 58 kWh), the German government bonus, the various costs of use (periodic maintenance, insurance, washing, etc.) and even the loss of value, the German electric compact amounted to € 0.416 / km.

The Volkswagen ID.3 cheaper to run than a Tesla Model 3

€ 1,500 more for the Tesla Model 3

The Volkswagen ID.3 in the comparison is much less expensive than a Volkswagen Golf 1.5 liter TSI Style, which climbs to € 0.505 / km or € 0.460 / km taking into account a 10% discount generally granted by dealers . With generally higher maintenance costs, the Golf 2.0-liter TDI takes the place of the most expensive car in the comparison with a price of 0.538 € / km.

Electric vehicles therefore have a strong advantage in this comparison, where the Hyundai Ioniq Elektro Style claims € 0.461 / km and the Nissan Leaf e + admits € 0.474 / km. The Tesla Model 3, the best-selling sedan in France in the first half of the year, claims for its part a cost of 0.525 € / km in the Standard Plus Autonomy version. According to ADAC, on a basis of 15,000 km per year, the Tesla Model 3 would therefore represent a cost of 7,875 €, while an ID.3 will cost 6,240 €, a difference of around 1,500 euros.

The Volkswagen ID.3 cheaper to run than a Tesla Model 3


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