The wrong way electric car

The wrong way electric car Auto

The wrong way electric car

“A Contresense” is the title of a documentary that dissects all the information heard about electric vehicles. It will be broadcast in France and Belgium on November 4 on the Internet and followed by a debate in which it will be possible to participate.

Known in particular for having toured the world in a solar vehicle between May 2010 and September 2011, Swiss engineer Marc Müller surrounded himself with journalists to get the answers as close as possible to the right people and the sites concerned. So in Congo, for example, to deal with the subject of cobalt mining.

More than 2 years of work to sweep away a large number of points (fakes news?) Taken up by detractors of connected mobility: electric vehicles generate more emissions than thermals; electric = nuclear; EV pollutes more because of the fossil fuels used in power stations; in the mines, children are exploited for their poverty wages; wildlife suffers from this activity; etc.

All these negative points that weigh on the electric car, Marc Müller has heard them. “Either they are lying or they are wrong, or you have to listen to them because they are whistleblowers,” he wondered. This was the starting point for uncompromising painstaking work that thrilled the film’s first viewers.

Accompanied by journalists Jonas Schneiter and Zelda Chauvet and mystery guests, the engineer will meet the Belgian and French audiences on November 4, 2020, at 8:00 p.m., for a full evening. It will consist of a short introduction by part of the investigative team, a screening of the approximately 90-minute documentary, and a discussion that can be participated in through the Zoom app.

It is necessary to register (9 euros) to experience this event, by following this link.


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