This German company designs amazing all-terrain and electric fat-bikes

This German company designs fat-bikes = Auto

The reality is indisputable, sales of electric vehicles are experiencing an unprecedented boom. Alongside electric cars and motorcycles, the electric bicycle has its followers. It must even be said that it is the most fashionable mobility solution these days in many cities. Aware of this spectacular boom, Ossian Vogel started his own company manufacturing electric bicycles.

Called Urban Drivestyle, it stems from an activity that the German entrepreneur had carried out a few years earlier in Mallorca, Spain. Back then, as a bicycle rental company, Vogel spent most of his free time designing electric bicycle prototypes by hand. A passion that has now become a real business with the birth of Urban Drivestyle.

Electric bikes like no other

As explains, what makes Urban Drivestyle models unique is their design designed for off-road use. They stand out for their large tires and their structure strong enough to carry two people at a time.

Far from being just an aspect to enhance the appearance, the use of large tires is intended to increase grip. A feature which is essential not only to face the urban jungle (in bad weather among others), but also to ride on rough terrain.

This German company designs fat-bikes = Photo credit: Urban Drivestyle

Weight is obviously a major drawback due to the size of the wheels, but Urban Drivestyle considers the ability to move properly in any weather condition to be even more important.

20 x 4 electric bikes

It should be noted that the young nugget is based in the Berlin district of Oberschöneweide. And according to the media mentioned above, it emphasizes 20 × 4 type electric bikes (20 being the diameter of the tires in inches and 4 their thickness, also in inches). Urban Drivestyle simultaneously manufactures electric leisure bikes and electric bikes for freight transport to better meet customer needs.

This German company designs amazing all-terrain and electric fat-bikesUDX Electric Fatbike 750W. Photo credit: Urban Drivestyle

In addition, she makes sure to provide them with any spare parts they may need. An initiative which should solve the problem of lack of spare parts encountered by many electric cyclists. Finally, know that the German start-up was able to raise 1.5 million euros in the spring. This fund will be used, among other things, to relocate the entire value chain to Germany. Indeed, since its creation, the company has worked mainly with Asian subcontractors.


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