Toulouse. Assistance with the purchase of clean, new or used vehicles, and the replacement of engines

For the purchase, rental, or change of engine, the Toulouse Metropolis will expand its aid to replace its polluting vehicle with a vehicle Auto

By Guillaume Laurens
Posted on 14 Oct 20 at 20:12

For the purchase, rental, or change of engine, the Toulouse Metropolis will expand its aid to replace its polluting vehicle with a vehicle
For the purchase, rental, or change of motorization, the Toulouse Metropolis will expand its aid to replace its polluting vehicle with a “low-emission” vehicle (© Illustration / AdobeStock)

From April 2021, the most polluting vehicles will (very) gradually be banned from Toulouse, with the entry into force of the famous Low Emission Zone (ZFE). To prevent the establishment of this ZFE from being “a shock between social and environmental logics”, Mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc wants the Metropolis he chairs to be able “to support residents and businesses in change. of their vehicle ”. The community will therefore commit to Thursday, October 15, 2020 to give a boost to owners of old cars and other polluting trucks.

A premium for the purchase, rental or change of engine

The Metropolis will notably approve on Thursday the creation of a bonus for the purchase, rental or change of motorization of vehicles, but also that of a bonus for the purchase, rental, or conversion of a bicycle ( read box below). Both should come into force in early November 2020, and will be the subject of an agreement with ADEME, over three years, for the creation of a “joint fund for the conversion of professional vehicles and bicycles”. Total budget for the maneuver: 750,000 euros in 2021.

Who will benefit from it?

The bonus will not be for everyone. Beneficiaries eligible for this device must own a polluting vehicle (Crit’Air 4, 5 or “NC” certified). The measure is aimed at individuals, domiciled in one of the 37 municipalities of the Metropolis and whose tax income is below the threshold of € 35,052. Companies and associations with less than 50 employees, based in the territory, can also apply, within the limit of three subsidized vehicles (replacement, rental or change of engine) and € 20,000 in subsidies.

They will all be helped to renew their light vehicles, utility vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and other aging coaches with clean, “new or used” vehicles. Whether electric, but also hybrids, CNG, LPG, or even hydrogen.

“Boost long-term rentals”

In addition to the acquisition of clean cars, this aid is also intended to boost “long-term rental or rental with the option of purchasing a low-emission vehicle with scrapping of a polluting vehicle,” says François Chollet. The Vice-President for the Energy Transition of the Metropolis also praises the virtues of “changing the motorization of a thermal vehicle to an electric motor, CNG and LPG”.

How much will the premium be?

For individuals, the amount of the premium will vary according to the household’s resources. For the purchase of a new vehicle, the premium will range from 5,000 euros (for a benchmark tax income per unit less than € 6,300) to 3,000 euros (for a tax income per unit between 18,000 and 35,052 € ), with two other intermediate thresholds.

For the purchase of a used vehicle, count between 2,000 euros and 3,300 euros in premium, and for the change of an engine, from 1,000 to 3,000 euros, again depending on tax revenues.

“Cumulative” with state and regional aid

It should also be noted, and above all, that these two aids are complementary to and cumulative with those offered by the State (the ecological bonus and the conversion bonus) and by the Occitanie Region (and its mobility eco-check, which offers up to 2000 euros in aid for a used electric or hybrid vehicle). François Chollet also observes that “being in an EPZ allows individuals to obtain additional aid of 1,000 euros” thanks to a new “surcharge” dedicated to this perimeter. In short, it will quickly be necessary to acquire a GPS to help citizens navigate the jungle of aid …

The same type of aids for the bicycle, and not just electric

The Metropolis must also vote on Thursday for a new premium for the purchase or long-term rental of a bicycle, classic or with electric assistance (new or used). The challenge is to “set up a whole fleet of bikes in record time” in Toulouse, believes Philippe Perrin, vice-president in charge of cycling. Until now, the device allowed a maximum aid of 200 € to inhabitants with a net tax income not exceeding 28,800 € per year for an electrically assisted bicycle (VAE). From now on, the aid can be allocated up to 35,052 of income per tax share, for the acquisition of classic bicycles (up to 100 euros), electrically assisted bicycles (up to 250 euros), cargo bikes / scooters / trailer with or without new or used electric assistance (up to 600 euros). Not to mention the transformation of bikes into VAE (up to 250 euros). Aid is also planned for businesses (from € 500 to € 1,000 for the purchase or long-term rental of cargo bikes, new or used, with or without electric assistance).


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