Toulouse. Padlocks, room, electric bike: two thieves at the grinder caught in the act

In Toulouse, electric bike enthusiasts are targeted by thieves who work ... at the grinder Auto

Two individuals aged 17 and 18 were arrested in the act of theft on September 8 in Toulouse. They had just attacked a bicycle storage room and several padlocks with the grinder.

Posted on Sep 11, 20 at 10:12 am

In Toulouse, electric bike enthusiasts are targeted by thieves who work ... at the grinderIn Toulouse, fans of the electric bike are targeted by thieves who work … at the grinder (© Adobe Stock / Illustration)

This is the current plague of two-wheeler enthusiasts, whether they are recent converts or long-time riders. In Toulouse, mobile and well-equipped teams spot the most beautiful machines – often electric bikes – and don’t hesitate to pull out the grinder to carry out their lightning raids.

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They grind with all their might

The 2 Pieds 2 Roues association recently relayed, on Actu Toulouse, the dismay of its members faced with the problem. New example, Tuesday September 8, 2020, Saint-Cyprien district. Two individuals aged 17 and 18 park in their cars in front of the bicycle storage room of an administrative service.

They immediately activate the grinder, blow up the padlock, enter the premises and set their sights on an electrically assisted bicycle and a more traditional one. “But two beautiful models, confirms a police source. The electric bike alone is worth 2,500 euros ”.

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An electric bike at 2,500 euros

The two-wheelers are loaded into the car and the duo flee as they came. It was without counting on a police patrol which was able to intercept them in the act.

The victims were (miraculously this time) able to recover their devices and the two thieves were referred to the Toulouse prosecutor’s office on Thursday afternoon. They will soon have to answer for their actions in court.


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