Toulouse. “This car park is the dream place of thieves”: the rant of a cyclist

Indigo recognizes an upsurge in bicycle theft at the Capitole parking lot. Auto

By Gabriel Kenedi
Posted on 22 Oct 20 at 9:33 am

Indigo recognizes an upsurge in bicycle theft at the Capitole parking lot.
Indigo recognizes an upsurge in bicycle theft at the Capitole parking lot. (© Screenshot / Google)

Cyclists know it: bicycle theft is a real scourge in Toulouse. And it is besides to avoid a bad surprise, that a Toulouse woman, named Marta, decided to park her electric bike in the underground car park of the Capitol, Saturday October 17, 2020.

She only finds the lock …

On paper, the car park, which remains little known to cyclists, has its advantages: it is open 24 hours a day, is secure and has a capacity of 467 spaces. Yes but now, not everything went as planned for Marta …

“I parked it around 3:45 p.m. and coming back to pick it up at 8:30 p.m. I only found the lock cut to the ground,” Marta said. Who is enraged:

It was the first time that I parked my bike in this parking lot. Normally, I park it on the street, but I said to myself: “I’ll test, this parking lot is free, covered and supervised, so it’s good to leave the bike on for an afternoon”. Except no, this parking lot is the dream place for thieves.


An increase in thefts

She has since filed a complaint, although she has little illusions about finding her electric bike:

“These are very important things that we use to go to work. Like a car. In fact, these bikes can cost as much as a used car. It’s not nothing. Neither for us who lose bikes, nor for those who steal them and make easy money, just by going every weekend to the same place, taking bikes with impunity, ”adds the cyclist.

Marta also contacted the Capitol parking lot. “The person on the phone told me that it would be nice if the police started to take an interest in this, because the number of thefts there keeps increasing …”, she says.

She also informed the store where she bought her bike, less than a year ago: “I was told that I was the second person in 7 days to have a bike stolen in the same place”, affirms- she does.

Indigo “aware of the phenomenon”

Contacted by Actu Toulouse, the Indigo Group, which manages the Capitole car park, recalls that bicycle parking spaces “constitute a parking service offered to cyclist users in the Metropolis”.

He adds: “It is equipped with video surveillance cameras whose images can be used after an event. We provide the images under police requisition but we cannot communicate them without this request to the user or any other recipient “

Indigo also indicates:

We are aware of the phenomenon and we have noticed an upsurge. We have alerted the police services and we will work closely with them. Our patrols have been reinforced and our staff are made aware and mobilized by, in particular, a night presence of security guards on this point of vigilance. “

Groupe IndigoManager of the Capitole underground car park


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