Towards a penalizing weight penalty for electric cars?

Towards a penalizing weight penalty for electric cars? Auto

Towards a penalizing weight penalty for electric cars?

Already revised upwards this year, the amounts of penalties applied to the automotive sector are expected to increase further next year with the introduction of a new tax linked to the weight of vehicles. A measure likely to impact the electric car market.

Mentioned several times in our columns, the idea of ​​a new penalty applied according to the weight of the vehicle seems to be gaining ground within the executive.

“The government is currently working on a proposal for a new tax for the penalty, linked to the mass of vehicles. This would imply an incredible increase in the penalty, the revenue of which would thus increase from 500 million euros for 2019 to more than 4 billion euros after the implementation of this new penalty “, reports Marc Mortureux, general manager of the PFA (Automotive Platform).

One of the proposals of the Citizen’s Climate Convention, this new measure should be included in the 2021 finance bill, which will open in the fall. On the other hand, the effective implementation of the device would not take place before 2022 in order to give the government time to change the vehicle registration system (VIS).

At the same time, the threshold for applying the penalty would be changed again. Citing one of its sources, the Journal de l’Automobile mentions a reduction of 5 grams “at least” or even 15 grams if the government takes up the proposals of the citizens’ convention for the climate.

The impacted electric car

As part of a logic aimed at curbing the massive influx of ever heavier and more powerful vehicles, the device will probably impact the electric car market.

Regardless of CO2 emissions, the heaviest electric vehicles, Tesla Model X and Audi e-tron Sportback in the lead, would also be in the sights. Worse, the excess weight linked to batteries could penalize electric vehicles compared to their thermal equivalents. Unless the government decides to remove the weight of the batteries to calculate the amount of this tax, which is particularly feared by manufacturers …


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