Toyota: an electric car with a range of 500 km that recharges in 10 minutes for 2021?

A Toyota electric car with a range of 500 km that recharges in 10 minutes for 2021? Auto

A Toyota electric car with a range of 500 km that recharges in 10 minutes for 2021? Illustrative photo: Concept Toyota FT-EV III (Auto China 2012). Photo credit: Shutterstock / testing

Unlike Li-Ion and Li-Po batteries which use liquid or polymer gel electrolytes, solid state batteries have solid electrodes as well as a solid electrolyte as well. Smaller, lighter and above all with a high energy density, they are considered the future of portable devices and electric vehicles.

According to information from the website, Toyota started working on this technology in 2017 and has set itself the target of marketing from the early 2020s. Things are now starting to take shape since according to a new report, the Japanese firm could unveil a car with a solid-state battery next year.

A solid-state battery from 2021?

According to the same source, the report is from Nikkei Asia, a news magazine focused on the Asian continent. If this Japanese media is to be believed, Toyota aims to be the first manufacturer to market an electric vehicle equipped with a solid-state battery. While most companies, like QuantumScape, are aiming for a launch of their first large-scale solid-state batteries that lately, Toyota could therefore have a very big lead in having this intention to launch an electric car equipped with ‘such an accumulator from next year.

Information to be taken with a grain of salt

The Nikkei report reveals that Toyota’s first solid-state battery vehicle will be able to deliver 500 km of range with a 10-minute charge. A feat compared to the capabilities of current cars which struggle to exceed such a range even with several hours of charge. Unfortunately, no additional information is available. It is therefore not known how many cycles the battery is supposed to withstand. It is also not known whether it will be largely sensitive to temperature variations like current Li-Ion batteries.

A step towards the future

Remember that China is the only market where we currently find Toyota’s only 100% electric vehicle. This situation should change soon as the firm unveiled earlier this year a fully electric SUV that should soon be available on the international market. In the meantime, the Japanese giant is therefore working on this first model operating with semiconductor battery. It is not yet clear whether the device will launch in 2021 or if Toyota is only planning to unveil a concept. Either way, given the benefits of solid-state batteries, a spectacular craze is already to be expected …


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