Toyota: the two-seater C + pod electric car is available, but not yet for everyone …

Toyota: the C + pod two-seater electric car is available, but not yet for everyone ... Auto

On December 25, Toyota announced the launch of the C + pod, an ultra-compact two-seater electric car. Toyota sees this electric vehicle as an innovative new mobility option. The C + pod will initially be reserved for professionals, local authorities and organizations in the sector.

The goal of Toyota before marketing to the general public, being to popularize this type of vehicle. Still according to the Japanese manufacturer, this C + pod will allow urban or mountainous communities to own a safe and environmentally friendly vehicle. This is certainly the first in a long series, Toyota intends to diversify its offer on this type of vehicle in the very near future.

Available in 2022 for the general public

The C + pod will be marketed to the public in 2022. In the meantime, Toyota wishes to demonstrate the need for electric vehicles for certain urban services. The development of new business models is, moreover, central to the concerns of the Japanese group.

To succeed in proving the need for electric vehicles in businesses or communities, Toyota is currently working with more than 200 partners. Businesses and local communities are working with the Japanese giant to achieve new modes of transport. The C + pods, the VE Walking Area and Toyota i-Road concentrate all current research.

Toyota: the C + pod two-seater electric car is available, but not yet for everyone ... Two-seater electric car C + pod. Photo credit: Toyota

The BEV Walking-Area will, in terms of getting around easily in pedestrian areas. They also offer the possibility of carrying heavy loads. Finally, these new urban vehicles would allow people with reduced mobility to move around town more easily, by replacing a wheelchair for example.

The i-ROAD, a three-wheeled vehicle, will combine motorcycle and car for an unprecedented driving experience. Toyota, already known for its multitude of hybrid vehicles, seems to want to become the number ONE in electric urban vehicles!


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