Volkswagen wants to become the king of platforms

Volkswagen wants to become the king of platforms Auto

Volkswagen wants to become the king of platforms

Having made a radical shift towards electric, the Volkswagen group intends to become the future benchmark for platforms for electric vehicles.

Among car manufacturers, the electric car has become the sinews of war. More precisely, these are two pillars that are essential for mastering technology: the battery and the technical platform.

While the battery is still an Asian subject, the Europeans are organizing themselves for the platform sector, and in particular Volkswagen, which quickly initiated its electric shift, via its subsidiary Components. “In 2015, we were under a lot of pressure to reinvent ourselves,” Thomas Schmall told Automobilwoche, “it was clear that the economic model of components based on the thermal engine was going to disappear”.

Volkswagen has thus developed the MEB (Modular Electric Base) platform for the newly launched ID.3 and the cousin SUV ID4. In addition, the offensive will host the “PPE” platform for large Audi and Porsche electric vehicles.

Because it relied on in-house solutions instead of outsourcing tasks, Schmall believes the automaker has “a 2-3 year lead over most suppliers.” Against VW, the rivals do not arrive until 2021 with the CMF-EV of Renault-Nissan, the e-GMP of Hyundai-Kia or the EVA of Daimler (Mercedes EQS and others). Late, because relying on thermal / electrical flexibility, PSA will have the eVMP platform in 2023.

An economic strategy

In addition to this lead, Volkswagen aimed to provide its platform to lagging competitors in the field. An agreement with Ford will make it possible to offer an electric little brother to the Mach-E in 2023. But all is not yet rosy, because Fisker has recently turned his back on VW, preferring Magna, while the project with eGo is forgotten. .

Within 20 years, the German group has a clear goal: to become the best supplier of electrical platforms. Opposite, no other automotive giant has currently positioned itself in this market, except Toyota with Subaru.

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