Walkcar: the electric vehicle that fits in a bag returns to center stage

Walkcar: the Auto

The universe of electric vehicles continues to evolve … And with this boom, micromobilities are developing more and more … We told you about it in 2017 but it is back today even smaller, lighter, more handy, there is no lack of qualifiers to innovate in this area. A Japanese company Cocoa Motors, the origin of micro-mobile scooters will amaze more than one.

If you come across someone perched on what looks every bit like a laptop, take a closer look, it could be a WalkCar! The latest model of electric scooter that fits in a bag… To move even faster without worrying about parking or transporting it… Is the revolution underway?

A “micro” -electric scooter!

And for good reason, the WalkCar is no bigger than a laptop. It still has four wheels for better stability. In reality, you are walking on an area equivalent to a bathroom scale. And therefore, it fits in a simple bag!

The two rear wheels are directional and it is powered by two electric motors, located at the front. For more comfort, each wheel has small integrated suspensions. It is used on the same principle as a hoverboard, by leaning when you want to turn or move forward.

Mechanical side?

The Walkcar has a continuous power of 260W and a peak power of 600W. Cocoa Motors says it could climb slopes of up to 10 °. On the other hand, it will not be necessary to count on the Walkcar to exceed the French regulations of 25 km / h. Indeed, a small maximum speed of 16 km / h will be possible! The 68 Wh battery only offers 5-7 km of range. Getting through Paris could be tricky.

Photo credit: Cocoa Motors
Walkcar: the Walkcar: the “car” that fits in a handbag returns to center stage

And its price?

The Walkcar is intended more for domestic journeys in giant shopping centers or airports … Or for students inside campuses. What is more, it will not support a huge weight besides the pilot! It costs (still) $ 1980, a high price for a mini electric scooter with ultimately quite limited capacities! But the beginnings of micromobility are underway!

Source: www.neozone.org

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