What assessments after 92,000 km in 4 years?

What assessments after 92,000 km in 4 years? Auto

What assessments after 92,000 km in 4 years?

Residing near Rennes, Emmanuel Bros acquired his Kia Soul EV in May 2016. He put it on sale recently, without being in any hurry to get rid of it. A question of habitability.

More than a year of reflection

“Before deciding on the Kia Soul EV, I spent 12 or 18 months interested in electric cars offered at a relatively affordable price. I tried the Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen e-Golf, BMW i3 and Renault Zoé. In the end, Soul EV struck me as the most successful, ”explains Emmanuel Bros.

“Three criteria guided my switch to the electric car. My training in electrical engineering spontaneously gives me more confidence in the reliability of an electric motor compared to a thermal block. I’m also worried about the quality of the air in cities and the CO2 impact of my trips, ”he begins to list.


“The economic aspect was just as important. Driving 80 kilometers round trip every day to get to the office, I used to spend 150 euros per month on diesel. I was also interested in LPG for a while, without follow-up. Now I charge for free at a socket in the company where I work, “continues Emmanuel Bros.

“My employer redid the wiring to hold it up. There are now 2 sockets available. The other was used by a colleague who came in a Renault Zoe, “he reports.


“In addition to my commute to work, I use the Soul EV for vacations. With a quick intermediate recharge, we can reach our holiday resorts in Vendée or Finistère. At the campsite, I charge the car on an outlet available: no need for a specific terminal ”, testifies Emmanuel Bros.

“Before leaving, I use the Chargemap site by targeting 2 or 3 fast terminals along the way, so as not to be caught off guard. I organize myself so that the need to regenerate the battery coincides with the lunch break, ”he explains.

“The latest firmware update has an impact on fast charging: the operation no longer automatically stops at 83% capacity, but at 94%,” he noted.

What assessments after 92,000 km in 4 years?

Networks too different

“I’m not very comfortable knowing that I have to recharge in departments other than Ille-et-Vilaine. I am very satisfied with the Bea network of the SDE35. Only once have I encountered a problem that was resolved very quickly. On the other hand, I got scared in Vendée for example, ”underlines our interlocutor.

“There are too many different operators in France. The systems are not uniform, most often without a simple access solution. Instead of being able to use a bank card, you often have to go through an app. Getting out of Brittany with my electric car is an obsession for me, because of the obscurity of the operator world, ”he feels.

Never out of battery but …

“When I travel, people spontaneously come to seek information on electric cars. I am often asked, for example, if I have ever had a battery failure, ”says Emmanuel Bros.

“It almost happened to me once, at night, in the rain, with headwind. Fortunately, I was able to tune in to my mother’s house a bit in the process, “he admits.

“At first, it’s funny to realize that you lose a lot of range in winter: I have a 110 km / h section to get to the office. After a while, you get to know your electric car well and drive a little more eco-friendly to reach your destination, ”he reassures.

Decreased autonomy and faults

“I estimate that after 92,000 km, my Kia Soul EV has lost between 10 and 15% of range. However, changing tires for better quality models does not seem to have affected it. But it changed my life. The original ones were real soap bars in the rain, ”says Emmanuel Bros.

“The electrical fault indicator lights up 2 to 3 times every 15,000 km or so, without affecting the operation of the Soul and without being able to find the origin of the phenomenon. The accessory battery had to be changed: the technician alerted me that by not locking the doors, the vehicle remains on standby, which degrades the lead-acid battery over time, “he recalls.

“The 7-year warranty is no deception at Kia. Without argument, the driver’s leather seat was replaced due to premature wear, as was the parcel shelf, “he says.

Overall very satisfied

“Overall I am very satisfied with my Kia Soul EV. My wife was more oriented towards large American cars, but she takes our electric car ”, admits our interlocutor.

“I am really very pleasantly surprised by the Kia dealership in Rennes. The staff are beyond my expectations, really paying attention to serve the customer well. I am loaned a replacement vehicle each time. If all concessions could be like this! », He imagines.

On sale

“In selling the Soul EV today, our goal is to have just one car in the household. Which would be possible with a model of greater autonomy. If we can’t find a buyer at a good price, we’ll keep Soul. After 10 years, the surplus compared to a diesel will be amortized, ”calculated Emmanuel Bros.

Which electric car to replace the Soul EV? “This will be the new e-Soul. I am over 2 meters tall, and so is my son. These models are the only ones that are affordable to us and in which I can fit my legs without them touching the dashboard or having to crab them to press the pedals. They also allow my son to sit in the back without touching the ceiling. This is not possible, for example, with the e-Niro whose roofline falls, ”he concludes.

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Emmanuel Bros. for his availability and his testimony. Note that we contacted him when we discovered his ad on the Internet to sell his Soul EV.

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