what changes from August 3?

what changes from August 3? Auto

what changes from August 3?

After two months of an automobile stimulus plan, the government is tightening the screws on the conversion bonus. Who is now entitled to it? What are the new amounts? We tell you everything.

The government has acted to stem the monster drop in car sales this spring. With the stimulus plan, it increased the bonus, and above all widened the eligibility conditions for the conversion bonus. However, the latter had a limit of 200,000 files, a figure quickly reached at the end of July. Thus, the conditions change for this August 3rd.

For all: € 2,500 for an electric or plug-in hybrid

Without income conditions, everyone can claim a minimum of € 2,500, professionals and companies included. This concerns the purchase of an electric or plug-in hybrid car, new or used, with the transfer of an old diesel vehicle registered before 2011 or a gasoline before 2006. Please note, for a plug-in hybrid car, the he electric autonomy must be greater than 50 kilometers in the WLTP or NEDC cycle. The price of the car must also not exceed € 60,000, or 80% of the total price.

5,000 € for low-income people and households

The big change on June 1 was the broadening of the eligibility requirements. This therefore returns to normal. The maximum of € 5,000 is reserved for people with a reference tax income of less than € 13,489 (against € 18,000 previously) if the distance between home and work exceeds 30 km or the annual mileage is greater than 15,000 km.

Renault ZOE 2019

Example: The premium can reach € 5,000 for the purchase of a Renault ZOE with scrapping of old combustion vehicles

Up to € 3,000 for a low emission thermal

The conversion bonus remains open to hybrid and thermal cars with emissions of less than 137 g / km of CO2. This corresponds to cars meeting the Crit’Air 1 and 2 stickers. It is 3,000 € for the first category described above, 1,500 € for the second. Above an RFR of € 13,489, it is impossible to claim it.

what changes from August 3?

For all amounts in detail, please refer to the 2020 government scale available in PDF document.

A bonus that can always be combined with the bonus

The good news is that the government has not changed the ecological bonus. It is therefore possible to accumulate the € 5,000 of the conversion premium and the € 7,000 in aid for the purchase of a new electric car (or € 2,000 for a plug-in hybrid). The extra premium of € 1,000 in low emissions zones (Grand Paris, Grand Lyon, Strasbourg and Grenoble) is still valid and can be combined. Still rare, these areas will nevertheless be more numerous by the end of 2021, according to the official website je-roule-en-electrique.fr.

Retrofitting, a solution for changing the heat engine of a car over 5 years old for an electric motor, is also on the program. It reduces the bill by 5,000 € for people with tax income below 13,489 €) and 2,500 € beyond.

Source: www.automobile-propre.com

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