what gift to give to a fan of electric cars?

what gift to give to a fan of electric cars? Auto

what gift to give to a fan of electric cars?

Books, posters, miniatures, equipment, piloting courses, etc. : Here are some ways to make Christmas a success for a child, a parent or a friend who is interested in electric vehicles.


Among the interesting novelties for 2020 in terms of books on electric mobility, stands out “Everyone in an electric car, the impossible equation? », By Daniel Gay, in the catalog of Cépaduès-Editions (20 euros). Behind the controversial title hides a very original book which offers an educational interest in the electric car through exercises and problems of various difficulties to be solved. Target readership: teachers, technicians, engineers, motorists, high school students and university students.

In pre-order (14.95 euros) for delivery in January 2021, “Tesla, the flash of genius – The story and discoveries of the greatest inventor of the 20th century” (Massimo Teodorani, Editions Macro) focuses on superior intellectual faculties of one who is one of the pillars of electric motors and the transmission of energy.

“The Tesla Revolution – How Elon Musk Takes Us Into the Post-Oil World” (Hamish McKenzie, Eyrolles, $ 25) was released last year. But the look he has on the company and its sulphurous leader will delight enthusiasts of the brand, enjoying the revenge taken by Elon Musk on the leaders of the major automotive groups who perceived him a few years ago as a pure gagman.

what gift to give to a fan of electric cars?

Are you interested in electric bicycles without having dared to buy one? “The electric bike guide – City, MTB, Road” (Thomas Voeckler, Solar, 14.90 euros) should help you to equip yourself well. His advice is also intended for those who already own an eBike without having explored all possible fields with him.

If you can postpone your Christmas present by a few months, know that Glénat is completing its collection of guides in March 2021 (15 euros) to discover the regions with an electric bike (or not). The territories that will be the first to be covered: Provence, Vercors, Auvergne, Lyon and its region. Two titles have already been available since 2017 and 2018: “From Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean by bike and electric bike – Les p’tites Routes du Soleil”, and “The route des Grandes Alpes by bike and electric bike. From Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean via the great passes ”.

Two books for children complete our selection: “3 beautiful stories – The Wolf who did not want to scare children; The Three-legged Duck; Lola the small electric car “(Maxime Hippon and Mélanie Weirauch, Books on Demand, 9.99 euros) and, for the little ones,” The electric car “(Yoyo Editions, collection” Bolides, bolides “, 4.95 euros) .

Plates, posters and other documents

Last May, we already presented the Displate.com site on which several hundred metal plates (3 formats: 32 x 45 cm at 39 euros, 48 ​​x 67.5 cm at 79 euros, and 64 x 90 cm at 133 euros) respond to the theme of the electric car. New references are available: feel free to dig around the site and maybe also close your eyes to a few fundamentally anti-VE designs.

Good to know: By sending a file to have a personalized plaque made, you will benefit from a copy at half price, and will be able to receive a small percentage on those sold later.

what gift to give to a fan of electric cars?

Equally fun or engaged are the cards (old or congratulatory for buying an EV), posters (including ads dating back over a century), stickers, T-shirts, caps, key chains, bags , mugs, watches, USB keys, wrapping paper, and other media in the zazzle.fr electronic catalog. Prices start at less than 2 euros (+ postage), allowing children to find a little something related to electric mobility to offer their parents. Here too, you have to take time to find the best references.

Even if Displate and Zazzle offer them arranged in their own way, plaques and panels to reserve the place for electric cars are available on the Web from various resellers specializing in signage. Thus, among others, Seton, Signals, Novap, Virages, or even Signalétique.

Reduced models

Norev has expanded for December 2020 its list of electric vehicles reproduced at 1:43 (35 euros per model, except concept cars which are 39 euros) with the Volkswagen ID.3, and 2 Citroën: ë-C4 and Ami. The Citroën 19_19 Concept and E-Méhari, DS3 Crossback E-Tense, and the 2 concepts Renault TreZor and Symbioz are still available on the manufacturer’s website. To bring together all these electric models, what better than the raw wood garage with charging station presented a few weeks ago, at a price of 69.90 euros.

what gift to give to a fan of electric cars?

No Tesla? The must when it comes to electric cars from the American manufacturer is to get them directly from its website. As long as you have a good gift budget, because the Model S, Model X, Model 3 reproduced in 1/18 are priced at 180 euros, and the new Roadster at 260 euros. This latter price also corresponds to the Semi, which is reduced to the lower scale of 1 / 24th. The Model Y baby walker for children up to 4 years old is more affordable at 100 euros, and can be delivered to your home much earlier than the real car. It is also offered on the Radio Flyer site, which has something better in its catalog: a real electric Model S with lithium-ion battery for 3-8 year olds displayed at over 450 euros. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s European website is closed, requiring you to go through the parent company in the United States.

In pink, red or white, a bumper car (149.99 euros) with which the children can have fun. And parents too, but without taking a seat on board, just with the remote control that will allow them to eventually guide the machine. Capable of turning completely on itself, it is equipped with lights, a seat belt, a rubber protector that surrounds it, and a music player.

what gift to give to a fan of electric cars?

Fans of electric Porsches also have something to dream about! Perfectly seasonal, the 2020 Taycan Turbo S is reproduced at 1:43 by Minichamps (89.95 euros) in red with a Christmas tree on the roof. The German brand still offers the 2019 vintage of this model on the same scale (59.95 euros) or at 1 / 18th (259.95 euros). The same web shop also presents the Spark reproductions of the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo at 1/43 (59.95 euros) and 1/18 (199.95 euros).

Accessories and equipment

Brand entirely dedicated to electric vehicles, Tesla is the only one to have an online store with a wide variety of articles on the subject. In addition to the scale models already reviewed above, you will find S3XY caps and beanies, hoodies and t-shirts, umbrellas and desktop cell phone superchargers, and more. The whole thing falls within a range of 15 to 90 euros. A higher budget opens the doors of the accessories gondola which presents protective covers for the car, mats, sun visors for panoramic roofs, etc.

what gift to give to a fan of electric cars?

If the person to spoil drives a Renault ZOE, you will no doubt find a gift idea by consulting the catalog dedicated to this electric car. The absence of a price may allow the person concerned to submit the document which includes door and trunk thresholds, floor mats, front armrests on console, shark antennas, coffee machines, kits for smokers, nets and trays of storage, air deflectors, bodywork protection films, mud flaps, smartphone holders, snow chains, etc.

For other electric cars, don’t hesitate to contact dealers or surf the manufacturers’ websites.

Outside the manufacturers’ networks, Mister EV presents cables and terminals to diversify the charging possibilities with almost all models of electric cars. Each has a specific entry with compatible hardware. The store also provides stickers promoting electric mobility.

Piloting courses

More and more piloting discovery companies are including electric models. Motorsport Academy thus has in its fleet a Tesla Model 3 Performance to discover during training (from 107.40 euros with a 40% promotion until February 19, 2021) or baptism (from 29.25 euros with promotion of -25%) on one of these 4 circuits: Lohéac (35), Le Mans Maison Blanche (72), Fay-de-Bretagne (44) or Fontenay-Le-Comte (85).

what gift to give to a fan of electric cars?

On the Dreux loop (28), Pro’Pulsion offers similar services with a Porsche Taycan (prices on request).

In addition to its Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3, Drivelectric has devised formulas with electric motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles: all you have to do is agree with your team on a date and a place.

The Chenevières circuit (54) has withdrawn its trendy Tesla Model S / BMW i8 duo offer, but it is still possible to taste asphalt with your own electric car (from 130 euros).

Sport Découverte counts among its many references of activities an internship which allows 13-65 year olds to discover in the Lubéron both the mountain bike and the electric Trial motorcycle. For 130 euros (price for one person; 230 euros for 2, and 315 euros for 3), three and a half hours of activities are allowed on a 10 hectare site.

Electric car rental

For those who do not yet have electric cars or want to have fun with a higher model, renting is a good solution that can be a great Christmas present. One of the trusted references in the field is Blooweels. Under this banner are various independent professionals located in the sector of several large cities in France. You will find in this network all the Tesla (Model 3 from 129 euros including VAT), but also the Jaguar I-Pace (199 euros) and Porsche Taycan (299 euros). In spring 2021, Blooweels will add the Tesla Model Y (149 euros) and Ford Mustang Mach-E (149 euros) to its catalog.

what gift to give to a fan of electric cars?

Classic rental agencies are also switching to electric cars. However, the offer is usually limited to a few main agencies. The plus: there are more affordable models, including the Renault Zoe which is available from all brands. Alongside it, each major rental company has sought to set itself apart from its competitors. Thus Sixt with its Peugeot e-208, BMW i3 and Jaguar I-Pace, Hertz Grand Ouest by offering the Peugeot iOn, Europcar by lining up Nissan Leaf and Kia e-Niro, and Avis by having selected Hyundai Ioniq and Kona.

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