what maintenance costs after 480,000 km?

what maintenance costs after 480,000 km? Auto

what maintenance costs after 480,000 km?

Apart from its countless qualities, the electric car also has the advantage of lowering the cost of its maintenance. Proof of this is with this Tesla Model S which has exceeded 480,000 km at a lower cost.

While electricity is not free and if the cost at the charging station can sometimes cringe, electric mobility still has the advantage of being regularly more economical than fossil fuels. By their designs, electric cars are also more reliable and require lower maintenance costs.

Proof of this is once again with the Tesla Model S P85 of American driver Steve Sasman. Purchased in 2014 with nearly 56,000 km on the clock, Steve traveled nearly 288,000 km with his electric sedan before reselling it. During this period, the motorist would have spent the sum of 5,415 dollars in maintenance costs.

what maintenance costs after 480,000 km?

In detail, Steve indicates that this sum consists mainly of the replacement of a few parts of the Tesla Model S. Thus, it is the replacement of the central screen (a fairly recurring operation on the Model S) that demanded the most big check, in the amount of 2,215 dollars. A few other small repairs followed, such as replacing a charging port, door handle, 12-volt battery and tires.

$ 2.16 in maintenance costs per 100 km

The new owner, who bought this copy last year, increased the odometer to 482,800 km. Over this period (which represents a use of 138,403 km), the maintenance costs would have represented nearly 5,000 dollars, without details of the expense items.

If the visits to the service center seem more and more frequent over the miles and years, this Tesla Model S would post a maintenance cost of just over $ 10,400 for an exceptional mileage of over 480,000 km. That is an unbeatable ratio of 2.16 dollars per 100 km!

Source: www.automobile-propre.com

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