what results after 7000 km?

what results after 7000 km? Auto

what results after 7000 km?

François Muller took delivery of his red Peugeot e-208 last January. From the reasons for his choice to his daily journeys to long journeys, he summarizes with Automobile Propre his first months at the wheel of the city car of the lion.

A Peugeot and nothing else

For François Muller (not his real name, our interlocutor who wished to remain anonymous), this Peugeot e-208 is the household’s first electric car.

“It’s mostly my wife’s. She uses it every day to get to work, about twenty kilometers from home. While the 3 of us have our own cars, our 2 children and I often fight over the electric 208. If it only has about 7,000 km on the clock, it is because of the Covid-19 which has slowed down our travel needs, ”he explains.

“I didn’t try other electric cars before signing up for the e-208, other than the Nissan Leaf of someone around me. Living a few kilometers from Sochaux, I wanted to support Peugeot with our purchase, ”he reveals.

Choice of ecology

“I wanted to switch to electric for two reasons: the too high taxes on diesel and the desire to drive clean as long as it is done well. We quickly get caught up in the game of ecology. Last July, we had photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of our house. There was also a little curiosity in my approach, while being warned a minimum on these subjects ”, justifies François Muller.

“I have a lot of trouble with people who want to think for you, without really knowing everything, telling you that an electric car is a nuclear car or that it is not green because of the non- recycling of batteries. It makes them think now that we don’t spend a lot of money on electricity to drive the e-208, “he finally laughs.

what results after 7000 km?


François Muller is very enthusiastic about the Peugeot e-208. “I know Peugeot produced electric 106s. What helped me in my purchase was knowing that the 208 is equipped with lithium-ion elements. For me that means long life and long range. The pack is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km. If the energy capacity falls below 70% of its initial value, it is changed, ”he rejoices.

“The e-208 is an extremely nervous car. Thanks to the weight of the battery, very well established, the center of gravity is low, lower than on the thermal versions. This, in addition to the quiet operation, provides a lot of driving pleasure, especially in the bends, “he feels.

“We are really very satisfied with our 208. Not a week goes by that I don’t recommend it: I am often approached by people who have noticed that it is electric. I can give them better information than the dealers who are often not used to this car yet, “he says.

what results after 7000 km?

11% more battery life with the update

“We had to update the NAC multimedia system. We talk a lot about this operation in forums on the Net. Peugeot does not say what is changed. It would be a question of improving the consumption of accessories that consume too much energy. Perhaps the heat pump ”, reports our interlocutor.

“Some 208 electric owners haven’t noticed a change. As far as I’m concerned, I immediately noticed an improvement in battery life on the first trip that followed. Before, when I did a Montbéliard-Mulhouse return trip, I used to come back with 25% of the battery. With the update, the percentage jumped to 35%. However, I drove in normal mode and had the air conditioning set to 22 ° C when it was 29 outside, ”he testifies.

“Since the NAC update, we have completed 720 km. For an average speed of 38-39 km / h, consumption increased from 17.98 to 16.2 kWh / 100 km. Overall I can travel between 25 and 40 kilometers more per charge, ”he says.

First long trip with Better Route Planner

“The longest trip I made with the e-208 was to Lyon, 667 km from my home, on the motorway. I rely on the A Better Route Planner app. The energy percentages match well. For this trip, I simply reduced my speed from 130 to 126-128 km / h “, recalls François Muller.

“Normally a dialogue is possible between ABRP and the vehicle using a dongle on the OBD socket and the EV Notify software. It doesn’t work that way on my car. However, the coordination of information is done using GPS coordinates, which is already sufficient, ”recognizes François Muller.

“It’s a shame that the energy percentage display is not accessible on the car’s dashboard while driving. Peugeot stayed in the spirit of thermal cars with the e-208. This defect prevents fine comparisons with the information transmitted by ABRP “, he regrets.

what results after 7000 km?

Youthful defects

“I have noticed other improvements to be made to the e-208. You can tell that this car was not designed specifically for electric traction at the start. Peugeot made an EV on a thermal model. When the available energy fell below 15%, the multimedia system offered to go to the nearest gas station, not a charging station. This anomaly has since been corrected, ”says François Muller.

“Unlike other electric cars, charging at the e-208’s fast stations is up to 100%, unless you interrupt the operation yourself. It would be better if it automatically shuts off at around 80%, ”he suggests.

“Finally, when the battery is full, there is no regeneration, so no engine braking. It surprises! It would be nice to be warned, at least when purchasing the vehicle, “he asks.

Charging networks

“When traveling far, I mainly used the Ionity charging network. They are great terminals, extremely modern. That was one of the things that prompted me to go electric. We received the e-208 on January 29, but unfortunately Ionity spent 2 days after a flat rate billed at 8 euros at a deterrent rate of 0.79 euros per kilowatt hour. Thanks to the Maingau badge, until the last few days I have enjoyed better pricing, around 50% lower. But this advantage has just disappeared, ”he laments.

“My experience with the CNR network is not good. The terminals appear to be poorly maintained and cannot withstand heat. During my attempts, the regeneration stopped at 10% and I was charged 5 euros, the price of a full charge. In Switzerland, GoFast is much more convincing, ”he says.

“Sometimes I take advantage of the time to shop to plug in my car. So at Lidl, where 7 kW recharging is free, or at the 50 kW terminal in the Leroy Merlin store near my home, ”he concludes.

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank our friendly interlocutor for his availability and his testimony.

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