what will change as of August 3

what will change as of August 3 Auto

what will change as of August 3

As of August 3, 2020, the conversion bonus will be modified again with less advantageous conditions than the exceptional system put in place as part of the automobile recovery plan. We explain the main changes to you.

Introduced in an exceptional way to help builders sell off their unsold inventory during containment, the new conversion premium will be reshaped again.

“The exceptional conversion bonus of the stimulus plan has been very successful: at the end of July, around 200,000 French people will have benefited from it. The exceptional conversion bonus system under the stimulus plan will therefore be adapted from August, “the energy transition ministry said in a press release released on Saturday July 25th.

Up to € 5,000 for an electric car

In practice, the scale applicable on August 3 will not revert to the vehicle eligibility criteria, which is rather good news. All vehicles classified Crit’Air 3 or older, i.e. petrol vehicles registered before 2006 and diesel vehicles registered before 2011, will therefore be affected by the premium.

However, the scale applied will be that which prevailed before the support plan. For an electric car, the amount of the premium may thus go up to € 5,000 for people whose reference tax income (RFR) is less than or equal to € 6,300 as well as for “heavy riders” (more than 12,000 km / year) whose RFR is less than € 13,489. In other cases, the aid will be limited to € 2,500. In any case, this boost can be combined with the ecological bonus of € 7,000 and any aid granted at the local level.

For thermal vehicles (Crit’Air 1 or 2), the device will only apply to people whose benchmark tax income is less than € 13,489. Depending on the case, the amount of the premium may vary from € 1,500 to € 3,000.

what will change as of August 3

The retrofit premium retained

If the conversion bonus will return to its old formula from August 3, it will keep two measures introduced during the recovery plan.

Providing assistance similar to the purchase of an electric vehicle in the event of conversion of an old gasoline or diesel vehicle to electric, the “retrofit bonus” remains valid.

Ditto for the extra premium of € 1,000, allocated by the State when the beneficiary lives or works in a “low emission zone” (ZFE). A device which remains, however, conditional on the granting of similar aid by the community concerned.

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