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Lumos Ultra Bike

The start-up Lumos Helmet has launched on the Kickstarter site Lumos Ultra, an innovative 2.0 bicycle helmet designed to make urban journeys safer for everyone. We make the presentations.

With the development of electric bicycles or not, in particular to meet new health conditions, the road can also become more dangerous. Prevention then plays a crucial role and that is what the Lumos Ultra headphones want to play on.

Lumos Ultra, a very successful helmet

It’s hard not to talk about the very big success of the crowdfunding platform when we talk about Lumos Ultra. Funded just four minutes after it went live, it now has the support of nearly 25,000 people and has collected nearly $ 3 million in funding. Why such a success ? First of all, because it was already the company that made the Matrix connected headphones. This new model, with an almost simplistic design, offers a double lighting system. On the program, a headlight at the front and 360 ° bluetooth controllable indicators from an Apple Watch or a remote control.

Maximum application and visibility

The iOS and Android application also allows you to adjust the lighting modes or the flashing lights of the connected headphones. The idea is to be able to be particularly visible on the road, but also to be able to communicate visually with other road users, a real necessity when it comes to sharing infrastructure. All the more so since a cyclist, even wearing a helmet, remains very vulnerable in the event of an accident.

A price that is reasonable

How much is the Lumos Ultra helmet worth? In the context of crowdfunding on Kickstarter, it is still possible to acquire it at a price that remains relatively reasonable, namely $ 79 or $ 109 if you really want to support the project. If you’re riding as a couple, two Lumos Ultra helmets can be acquired starting at $ 155. If deliveries are scheduled from November 2020, we must join … the waiting list for now! It will therefore now take patience. We can bet that it should not last too long!

Lumos Ultra has competition

Note, however, that Lumos Ultra is not a new model of its kind. In 2019, the start-up Cosmo Connected unveiled three helmets designed for new mobility. “Cosmo Urban”, “Cosmo City” and “Cosmo Road”, sold from 99 to 139 euros. On the program, a solar visor, removable ear cups, or even flashing and fall detection systems.

Source: www.meilleure-innovation.com

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