A VAE weighing less than 12 kg

Gogoro Eeyo 1S Bike

Gogoro launches into the electric bicycle with the Eeyo 1 and 1S with 65 km and 88 km of autonomy

Smartwheel with motor and integrated battery, carbon frame, belt transmission …

A VAE weighing less than 12 kgAfter establishing itself in the electric two-wheeler market in Asia with its connected scooters and its network of terminals, Gogoro is now tackling the electric-assisted bicycle segment and has just presented its first two models with the Eeyo 1 pedelecs. and 1S.

The Taiwanese manufacturer places itself here in the rather high-end segment with two electric bicycles with a very neat design and above all with a very low weight. Indeed the weight of the base model is only 12.6 kg while that of the S goes down to 11.9 kg!

A real feat for an eBike (compared to the 20 kilos or even 25 kilos of many models) which is partly due to the assistance system developed on the bike. Indeed, here there is no assistance on the crankset and everything happens in the “Smartwheel”. In addition to the motor, the wheel incorporates a sensor that automatically adjusts its level of intervention according to the effort provided. The block making up the rear hub also incorporates the 43.6 V and 123 Wh battery.

Gogoro Eeyo 1SGogoro Eeyo 1S

In addition, the Gogoro Eeyo are connected through a mobile application that allows you to use your smartphone as a counter and lock your VAE like a transponder. The application also makes it possible to choose the two modes of assistance Sport or Eco which must respectively ensure 65 km and 88 km of autonomy.

Carbon frame, disc brakes or belt transmission complete the equipment.

The Gogoro Eeyo will be available mid-JulyThe Gogoro Eeyo will be available mid-July

Obviously, the Gogoro Eeyo will not be within everyone’s reach since it will cost 3,999 euros for the 1 model and 4,999 euros for the 1S model, which brings them closer to the prices of the Ducati MigRR and other Triumph Trekker. The two models will be available from July 14 in France.

Availability / Prices
Availability: July 14
Gogoro Eeyo 1: 3,999 euros
Gogoro Eeyo 1S: 4.999 euros
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