All-wheel drive electric mountain bikes

The Christini transmission system Bike

The AWD system – All Wheel Drive – developed for bicycles

Christini adapts its two-wheel drive system to electric mountain bikes

All-wheel drive is widely used in the automotive industry to propel off-road vehicles more efficiently. But if the 4×4 has largely developed on four wheels, rare are the two-wheelers with all-wheel drive. It must be said that the mechanism for successfully propelling the front wheel and rear wheel simultaneously presents many complexities to be easily exploited.

Rare does not mean nonexistent, however, and the American manufacturer Christini specialized in the early 90s in the production of bikes and motorcycles with all-wheel drive, in particular through kits for Honda and KTM enduros. To keep up to date, the brand now offers electric mountain bikes with two motorized wheels.

The AWD (All Wheel Drive) system developed for bicycles is based on a system of shafts passing inside the frame to return the movement of the rear wheel to the front. The system is disengageable on the handlebars and allows you to alternate with a simple pressure between a conventional propulsion and two wheels.

The Christini transmission systemThe Christini transmission system

Now well established, the device imagined by Christini adapts to the electric bicycle through half a dozen models equipped with Bafang electric motors ranging from 1000 W to 1500 W for a price ranging between $ 4,795 (approximately € 4,150) and $ 6,295 ( around 5.440 €).

The use of these machines in France will however be different because they do not comply with the legislation on VAE for the road. Between the power of the engine too high and the possibility of using the latter thanks to an acceleration trigger and not only in assistance, the Christini eVTT more respond to the values ​​of mopeds. This means: registration, compulsory insurance, headlights, indicators and mirrors. However the equipment is not provided on the bikes and their homologation as such is not either … until someone takes care of it?

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