Analog Motion: AMX electric bikes are available in two “Limited Edition” models

Analog Motion: the AMX electric bike comes in two models Bike

Electric bikes are more and more popular. These means of transport have the advantage of being practical and non-polluting. However, they are not always accessible to all budgets. Indeed, to afford a good quality eBike, you need several hundred euros. Fortunately, e-bike enthusiasts can now turn to cheaper alternatives that perform just as well. The British start-up Analog Motion has already made a name for itself in this area.

Indeed, the manufacturer made a name for itself a few years ago by launching a crowdfunding campaign to finance the creation of its first electric urban bicycle AM1. Seeing the success of this model, the start-up is talking about it again with two new and improved versions of the AMX range.

The performance is at the rendezvous

The “new models” of the AMX range will not leave e-bike enthusiasts indifferent. These e-bikes are presented as “high performance” devices designed “to move in the unique conditions of your cities. “Analog Motion promises buyers of these bikes” effortless movement. “

The AMX range includes two versions namely the Classic LE and the Step LE. These models are equipped with a compact 250 W motor discreetly placed on the rear wheel. The AMX Classic LE and Step LE have a removable 36 V battery offering a theoretical range of 44 km.

Analog Motion: the AMX electric bike comes in two models AMX STEP LE electric bike. Photo credit: Analog Motion

The battery is relatively light (1kg) and will not encumber the rider. “It is the same size as a water bottle and is small enough to fit in a small bag or even a large jacket pocket,” reads the manufacturer’s website, much like the electrification kit G-Boost that we presented to you a few months ago… For a full charge, it will take about 3 hours.

Bikes designed for all budgets

These two models differ in terms of their weight. The AMX Classic LE weighs 15.9 kg. The AMX Step LE, on the other hand, weighs 16.3 kg. These bikes are both fitted with Schwable Big Apple tires that “handle rough terrain. “

They are equipped with an electronic braking system and high quality Panasonic cells. The AMX Classic LE comes with a black lightweight sports saddle. While the AMX comes with a retro brown spring saddle, very trendy right now … These e-bikes are available in dark blue and pearl white. To acquire one of these two models, it will cost 1,595 euros.


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