Bimotal Elevate: an ingenious removable “disc brake” kit to convert your bike to electric

Bimotal Elevate: a Bike

With the current health context, individual means of transport are increasingly favored. Alongside electric motorcycles and scooters, electric bicycles continue to appeal to quite a few people. But these machines are generally expensive. In order to save us money, some companies offer retrofitting.

This is a service that consists of converting a thermal vehicle to electric. In France, the young company NOIL is, for example, one of the references in this area. However, with its Elevate kit, the young American company Bimotal wants to allow you to electrify your electric bike by yourself.

An easy to install and detach kit

It is actually a kit consisting of a small motor and a battery which is more or less the same size as a bottle. Unlike most existing kits which require the integration of a motor into the hub, sometimes the replacement of the entire wheel, the Bimotal Elevate leaves your existing wheels on your bike in place. Which also means that you can detach the system at any time.

In fact, the Bimotal Elevate adds an intelligently designed engine block to the brake disc mount. The kit includes a large toothed wheel that should be attached to this location. Note that it can be installed on the rear or front wheel. The small engine block is then mounted on the frame or fork, on the part where the brake caliper is attached. Note that despite its relatively low weight (0.9 kg), the engine develops a torque of up to 100 Nm thanks to its power of 750 W. This makes it easy to reach 45 km / h, the top speed announced by the start-up.

A battery the size of a bottle

As for the battery, its dimensions are more or less close to those of a bottle. Bimotal did not choose this design by chance. Indeed, thanks to this rather special shape, the charge accumulator can be placed in the water bottle holder on the frame of the bicycle.

Photo credit: Bimotal
Bimotal Elevate: a Bimotal Elevate: a” disc brake “kit to convert your bike to electric

While the power supply has a capacity of only 250 Wh, but according to the company, that provides at least 25 km of autonomy. Endurance can be up to 50 km depending on the driving mode. For now, the kit is designed to work with an accelerator, but Bimotal says it is working on a new system that will soon allow pedal assist to be integrated.

Unfortunately, the Bimotal Elevate is not compatible with all bikes on the market. To find out if yours is one of the supported models, just visit this page. However, pre-orders are already open. Registration requires a deposit of $ 100. The Elevate costs a total of $ 1950 and will be available in 2021.


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