BMW strikes a blow with its Definition CE 04 electric scooter

BMW strikes a blow with its Definition CE 04 electric scooter

The German brand has just unveiled an almost production version of a new electric scooter. Its futuristic design is almost exactly the same as the Concept Link presented in 2017.

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BMW has been present in the electric scooter market since 2013 with the C Evolution. The manufacturer is preparing its succession with the BMW Definition CE 04, a model close to the series surprisingly faithful to the Concept Link unveiled in 2017. Very elongated, with a low seat making it easier to step over, the Definition CE 04 sports a futuristic and minimalist style in playing on independent fairing elements and a very inclined front unit.

The battery, about which BMW gives no specifications, is integrated flat in order to lower the center of gravity and to provide a storage compartment for the helmet accessible from the side. The integration of Led lighting is taken from the Concept Link, in particular at the rear where it is integrated into the side panel. The pilot has in front of him a large 10.2-inch screen, the largest ever integrated on a scooter, according to BMW.

A matching parka with integrated light signaling

The scooter automatically connects to its owner’s smartphone and BMW has gone even further in the concept of connectivity with full equipment for the driver. There is a helmet coordinated with the colors of the scooter, a parka, pants and shoes. The parka incorporates a system of light bands of signaling whose color can be changed thanks to controls integrated in the sleeve and one of its pockets can charge a smartphone by induction.

For the moment, BMW does not say what type of electric motor and autonomy delivers this Definition CE 04. The German brand does not confirm either that it will be marketed as is in the near future. But it would be surprising if such an advanced concept remained on the shelf.

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