[Bon Plan] The Fiido D4s electric bike at 583 euros

[Bon Plan] The Fiido D4s electric bike at 583 euros Bike

It’s small, foldable, electrically assisted and ultra manoeuvrable: the Fiido D4s is on sale today at Banggood for 583 euros with the code BGDFYD4S1. Fast delivery from Europe.

The Fiido D4s erases most of the shortcomings of its predecessor and offers an ideal solution for short trips around town. Overall, its assistance is very effective, as are its handling and comfortable range. Being able to fold it completely adds another argument to the device, especially for those who live in apartments. A real pleasant surprise, at a very low price given the competition, although it remains to be seen how the bike will hold up over time.

[Bon Plan] The Fiido D4s electric bike at 583 euros

The bike has two 20-inch wheels, larger than those of its predecessor. There are 6 speeds, accessible via a trigger on the edge of the right handle, and a small box allowing to turn on the machine, activate the headlight and the horn on the edge of the left handle, which also displays the speed and the remaining autonomy. The electric assistance offers really pleasant comfort, adjustable in 3 different positions: low, mid and high. Note that this assistance is felt very quickly, so that even in low mode (about 12 km / h), it will be necessary to play the brake while passing in a narrow and / or crowded alley. The manufacturer announces nearly 80 kilometers of autonomy with its 250W motor, and a full charge time occurring in 5 to 7 hours.

An electrically assisted bicycle has many regulatory criteria before it can be categorized as such: its motor must not exceed the power of 250W, the electric assistance must be carried out only during pedaling and cut off when it is stopped, and finally this assistance must not exceed 25km / h. Here we have a bike that, at first glance, meets all of these criteria. But on closer inspection, the Fiido D4s does have a throttle grip for “scooter mode”: this means that the electric assist works without the pedaling action. When discussing with associations in the sector, it should therefore be said that the D4s is not an electrically assisted bicycle but a vehicle with obligations (registration, use only on the road) which could raise risks in the event of an accident. accident, in particular with insurance companies. If you want to get it, be careful not to ride on cycle paths with the scooter mode activated and be extra vigilant!

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