Boozter: a light and foldable electric scooter

Credit: WheelKinetic Bike

Electric scooters are great for getting around town, but what to do with them when you reach your destination? Manufacturer WheelKinetic has addressed the question with an answer: the Boozter, a foldable scooter that fits in a backpack.

Credit: WheelKineticCredit: WheelKinetic

With the bicycle, the scooter has made its way into town. This gentle mode of transport is even more practical with an electric motor, but the compactness then takes a hit. WheelKinetic has found an elegant solution to this problem with the Boozter. This ultra-compact scooter folds up in ten seconds and simply stows away in a backpack. It weighs only 6.5 kg!

An easy-to-take scooter

To achieve this featherweight, the manufacturer has relied on materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber. The patented folding system consists of positioning the handlebars on the side of the machine. When folded, the vehicle measures 26 cm by 47 cm. A handle allows you to transport the folded scooter without getting your hands dirty: the 8-inch wheels are in fact hidden inside the handlebars.

Boozter: a light and foldable electric scooter

At the front is a row of LED diodes with a brightness of 300 lumens, which also serve as a charge indicator for the battery (another visual, more discreet, is also present). The battery has a capacity of 216 W / h (range 20 km) with a motor with a power of 250 watts. This allows the Boozter to go up to 20 km / h. An electronic brake system is integrated … Charging, which passes through a USB-C port, takes 2 hours to refuel. A UBS-A port is also available for charging any device.

A 99 W / h battery is also available for those who would like to transport the scooter with them by plane (note that the aviation authorities refuse to take devices equipped with a battery greater than 100 W / h). In the connectivity department, the Boozter communicates with an iOS or Android application via Bluetooth which will provide information on the remaining battery life, among other functions.

The Boozter is offered on Kickstarter, where it has met its fundraising goals. The price is $ 999 for delivery scheduled for August 2021.


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