Charge has deployed experimental charging stations

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Charge has just launched an experimental program with electric scooter charging stations in Paris. 4 new generation stations have been installed in strategic locations in the capital.

Charge, the world leader, specializing in energy management for urban space planning and charging systems for electric scooters, has just launched an experimental program in collaboration with the City of Paris. The French-American start-up, which has just invested 2.6 million euros in its factories in Quebec for its development, has installed four scooter charging stations as part of an experiment.

4 experimental stations installed in Paris

It was on Wednesday July 8 that the Charge start-up began installing 4 scooter charging stations in Paris. They are located in strategic places in the capital at different addresses:

26 rue du Renard, 7500410 rue Pernelle, 7500487 rue de L’Hôtel de Ville, 7500417 rue Geoffroy L’Angevin, 75004

New generation charging stations

In a press release, the company explains that these new generation stations are independent of the electricity grid. They are powered by “rechargeable batteries with a lifespan of 3 to 4 days”. The power is supplied by green energy autonomously and the charging stations for electric scooters are therefore completely ecological. Environmentally conscious users will be pleased with this initiative.

An experimental program

In its press release, Charge clarifies that this is only an experimental program at this time. After a certain period (not defined), and if the result is successful, the start-up should develop a larger network of scooter charging stations in the capital. Each station should be able to accommodate up to 12 scooters.

How do Charge stations work?

Through the application of partner operators, users can easily geolocate Charge charging stations. These encourage users, via a reduction, to leave the electric scooter in a charging station. The start-up then bills partner operators for the number of its loaded scooters. Consult the list of electric scooter operators in Paris.

For electric bikes it’s on Zoov’s side

Note that with regard to shared electric bikes, the French start-up Zoov has also just unveiled its new new generation charging stations. This new station can accommodate 15 electric bikes in a small space. It is the lightest and cheapest charging station on the market. These electric bicycle charging stations also maximize battery life.

Zoov electric bicycle charging station


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