Civilized Cycles: Model 1, the two-seater electric bike (almost cargo)

Model 1: Civilized Cycles, the two-seater electric bike (almost cargo) Bike

Will e-bikes become the preferred mode of transportation for citizens of the world. While in France, many aids are offered for the purchase of an electric bike, an American brand Civilized Cycles, is launching a model which how much all a user needs.

People want a non-pedaling bike, a two-seater but not a motorbike and cargo spaces but not a scooter. By combining all these desires, Zachary Schieffelin, former employee of Vespa imagines the Model 1 of his brand. And tries to satisfy a demanding clientele. According to him, Model 1 will change the way we think about electric bikes! Just that !


In 2016, he founded Civilized Cycles and the famous Model 1 offers the functions of a cargo bike like Dutch bikes. The Model 1 is, in fact, a mixture of everything that can exist on the current market. City or all-terrain, intelligent, ultra light and ultra fast, these are the qualities described by its creator.

It would be the first model to bring all of these features into a single model. In detail, the Model 1 offers integrated saddlebags with 20 liters of capacity each or 80 liters when deployed. They can also serve as protection for passengers. On the passenger side, it can receive a total load of up to 180 kg. The saddlebags also serve as mudguards.

Model 1: Civilized Cycles, the two-seater electric bike (almost cargo) Photo credit: Civilized Cycles

And the technical side?

An automatic full suspension will allow the rider to adapt the suspension according to the weight he is supporting … You only need to press a button to use this function. The integrated hydraulic braking ensures perfect braking within the limit of the authorized total weight.

Model 1: Civilized Cycles, the two-seater electric bike (almost cargo) Photo credit: Civilized Cycles

The battery is hidden in the bag and takes up 4 liters of space out of the 80 in the bag. Civilized Cycles wanted an invisible battery. It is also possible to add a second battery to double the autonomy.

And performance side?

The Model 1 weighs 34 kilos and provides a range of 40 kilometers or 80 kilometers with two batteries. Two models available: assisted pedaling or accelerator alone. On the other hand, this bike which develops a top speed of 45 km / h would not be approved in France. Remember that, with us, electric bikes must not exceed 25 km / h speed.

And the price ?

Model 1 was supposed to be available last August, but the Covid 19 crisis has undoubtedly impacted the planned dates. It was set to cost $ 4,999 when it became available, but we haven’t found a Model 1 on sale right now.


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