e-Vino: Yamaha unveils ‘retro’ electric scooter that looks like a Vespa

e-Vino: Yamaha unveils an electric scooter Bike

With e-Vino, Yamaha is apparently looking to strengthen its position in the field of green urban mobility. However, the electric scooter has low power and range that it might find difficult to appeal to connoisseurs.

Like most of its peers, Yamaha is beginning to take an interest in the electric two-wheeler market. However, it is clear that the Japanese firm has a considerable delay in this area compared to young nuggets such as 2TWENTY, Easy-Watts or Eccity. Either way, she now looks more than ready to make a place for herself in this expanding universe. Proof of this is that the Japanese manufacturer has just made the e-Vino official.

An electric scooter with a Vespa look

As its suggests, the e-Vino is an electric version of the Yamaha Vino which itself is inspired by the legendary Vespa. The machine is therefore perfect for those who want to ride in an environmentally friendly way while giving a certain importance to nostalgia. However, if you need an electric scooter to do tens of miles a day, you might be better off looking elsewhere. Equipped with a battery capacity of 500 Wh, the e-Vino offers only 29 km of range on a single full charge.

However, a second battery can be added, bringing the range to 58 km. Note that this performance is obtained with a maximum speed of 30 km / h and a load of 55 kg. In other words, the e-Vino will have lower endurance in real conditions. Either way, the fact that the battery is removable will make things a bit easier as it can be charged at school or in the office after commuting home.

Photo credit: Yamaha
e-Vino: Yamaha unveils an electric scooter Yamaha e-Vino electric scooter.

A 580 W electric motor

On the engine side, the e-Vino sports a powertrain delivering a nominal power of 580 W (1200 W peak). As electrek.co points out, this is lower than some e-bikes on the market. However, there is a mode that allows you to boost the power for 30 seconds. An option that should prove its worth on a steep climb.

With its curb weight of 68 kg (74 kg with the battery on board), Yamaha’s new electric scooter has a top speed of 44 km / h. It is already available for sale in Japan for $ 2,280. Marketing in other countries is inevitably planned as the Yamaha e-Vino has just obtained its European certification. It remains to be seen whether the product will be able to appeal to European customers due to its limited performance.

Photo credit: Yamaha
e-Vino: Yamaha unveils an electric scooter Yamaha e-Vino electric scooter.
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