Electric bike: Ducati unveils its new bikes (and they still look so good)

Electric bike: still beautiful, Ducati unveils its new bikes Bike

The Bologna, Italy-based firm entered the e-bike market about two years ago. Its first model, the MIG-RR, was developed in partnership with Thok E-bikes. Last summer, Ducati continued the experience by announcing the e-Scrambler, an eBike designed more for urban use.

Scooters and folding bikes were also presented during the same occasion. Aware of the importance of continually focusing on innovation, the company has just unveiled the update of its ranges for 2021. Three new pedelecs have been announced: the TK-01RR and the new e-Scrambler and MIG-S.


The TK-01RR takes over from the MIG-RR. This is an electrically assisted mountain bike. Performance will apparently be there with this model as Ducati announces the integration of the new Shimano EP8 engine. It should be noted that despite its weight of only 2.6 kg, the latter develops a maximum torque of 85 Nm. Thanks to a dedicated application (Shimano E-tube Project App), the rider can even customize this torque.

The frame of this electric-assisted Ducati mountain bike also features a 630 Wh battery. According to technical data published by the company, the TK-01RR has a 12-speed transmission. Braking is provided by Shimano XT 4-piston brakes. For the suspension, the manufacturer has provided an adjustable RXF 38 fork and a TTX shock absorber deflecting 170 mm.

Electric bike: still beautiful, Ducati unveils its new bikesNew MIG-S. Photo credit: Ducati

MIG-S and e-Scrambler update

In order to better meet buyers’ demands, the MIG-S and e-Scrambler have been updated. Regarding the new version of the MIG-S, it gets a Shimano Steps E8000 motor and a new battery. The latter would improve range by about 26%. Particular attention has been paid to the frame to ensure better comfort and better handling. However, no alterations were made to the rest of the equipment.

Electric bike: still beautiful, Ducati unveils its new bikesNew e-Scrambler. Photo credit: Ducati

For its part, the new e-Scrambler differs mainly from the previous range by the addition of a new mat gray color in addition to yellow. Regarding prices and availability, know that the Ducati TK-01RR will go on sale from February 2021 at a price of 6,990 euros. The MIG-S (2021) will be invoiced for € 4,890 and will land on the market next January. Finally, the e-Scrambler is already available for € 3,690.

Source: www.neozone.org

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