Halfway between mountain biking and electric motocross, this eBike is a monster of power

Halfway between mountain biking and electric motocross, this eBike is a monster of power

It is certainly not the electric bicycle with which one would roam the city, for fear of being a little ridiculous. But in the mountains, in the forest or in the countryside on rough and muddy paths, the Carnivore will undoubtedly be at ease.

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Behind this name, a little aggressive for a VAE, hides an electric mountain bike that flirts with motocross. The machine is designed by Stalker Mad Bike, a brand based in Florida (United States) which recently opened a European branch in France, in Saint-Pierre-de-Jards in Indre.

The Carnivore is touted as “the most powerful electric bicycle in the world”. In support of this assertion, a technical sheet it is true quite impressive: a Bafang 1.000W motor which delivers 160 Nm of torque and allows to reach a maximum speed of 78 km / h.

Of course, this configuration is not approved in France on open roads and Stalker Mad Bike specifies that this performance can only be achieved on private land. To be able to travel everywhere, you will have to use the on-board computer of the bike to limit the assistance to 25 km / h in VAE configuration (five assistance modes) or 45 km / h, subject to registering as a as a moped.

A 37 kg juggernaut

The Canivore’s aluminum frame is a fat bike semi-rigid, with an RST Renegade front fork (travel not specified) and large 26×4.8-inch tires. It is by adjusting the pressure of the latter that we adjust the damping and driving comfort. The lower tube incorporates two batteries totaling 48V 30Ah for a range of up to 100 km.

The Carnivore is a 37 kg juggernaut with which it will probably be better not to run out of battery! Its manufacturer ensures that it can carry a person measuring up to 2.10 meters and weighing up to 150 kg. Equally massive is the price of this Carnivore: 7,990 euros. It is available for pre-order and will be delivered from next January.

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