Harley Davidson electric bikes are on sale

Harley Davidson electric bikes are on sale

Serial 1 Cycle, the independent company created by Harley Davidson to market its range of electric bikes, has just unveiled its four models for which pre-orders are open. They are currently reserved for Germany and the United States.

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It’s done, Harley Davidson has launched the marketing of its electric bikes through its subsidiary Serial 1 Cycle. On the program, four pedelecs with an urban vocation whose prices are between 3,400 and 5,000 dollars (between 2,860 and 4,210 euros at the current price). A medium / high-end positioning quite “reasonable” in view of the high prices that the American brand practices with its motorcycles but that must be compared to the services offered by competing VAE brands such as Specialized or Giant. Not to mention that Harley Davidson is not the only motorcycle manufacturer to exploit its brand image in this juicy niche of the electric bicycle. Ducati, Malaguti, Triumph and Yamaha are also in the ranks.

Serial 1 declines its offer with two models: the Mosh / Cty and the Rush / Cty. The latter is available in three variants with a classic high frame, a low spanning frame (Step-Thru) and a Speed ​​version reserved for the United States which can reach 45 km / h.

529 and 706 Wh batteries

They are all equipped with a 250W electric motor from the German brand Brose which develops 90 Nm of torque with an assistance that cuts off at 25 km / h, in accordance with European regulations on pedelecs. The difference is made on the battery capacity and the announced autonomy: between 56 and 185 km for the Rush / Cty with a 706 Wh battery; between 40 and 185 km for the Rush / Cty Speed ​​with the same battery; between 48 and 144 km for the Rush / Cty Step-Thru with a 529 Wh battery; between 56 and 168 km for the Mosh / Cty with the same 529 Wh battery. A full charge takes between 4.7-6.5 hours depending on whether it is the 529 or 706 Wh battery.

In terms of characteristics, the four models use an Enviolo Automatiq transmission and four assistance modes, disc brakes, integrated LED front / rear lighting, a drive belt rather than a chain. The three Rush / Cty models have a more utilitarian vocation with mudguards and luggage racks at the front and at the rear. The Mosh / Cty plays on a more minimalist and trendy style. It is sold for 3,399 dollars (2,860 euros at the current price) and will be available from next spring. The Rush / Cty Step-Thru costs 4,399 dollars (3,700 euros) and will arrive at the same time. Ditto for the Rush / Cty at 4,499 dollars (around 3,800 euros). The Rush / Cty Speed ​​at $ 4,999 (around 4,200 euros) will be available next summer and only in the United States.

As for the Serial 1, the concept homage to the very first Harley-Davidson released in 1903, it seems that it is not intended for series production. Some copies could be made to be offered or sold on some special occasion.

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