Harley Davidson unveils its four electric bikes and they are not within the reach of all budgets …

Harley Davidson unveils its first four electric bikes, at prices not very affordable ... Bike

Harley Davidson unveils its first four electric bikes, at prices not very affordable ... The four new Harley Davidson e-bikes. Photo credit: Haley Davidson

I don’t need anyone … on a Harley Davidson! Obviously in this song, Brigitte Bardot talks about the classic motorcycle of the American brand. But times have changed and if, today, the song would rather be about electric bike!

With probably less thrills but still with the aura of the brand! Indeed, Harley Davidson has just presented its first four electric bikes! The brand known for its not very ecological motorcycles is starting its conversion and energy transition! Launch of the models planned for spring 2021. And it’s quite successful!

Harley Davidson e-bikes won’t appeal to all budgets, as the top price will be $ 3,399 and up to $ 4,999 for the top of the range of the four. All models will have a 250W Brose motor. integrated into the lower frame. The engine will provide 90 Nm and 60 lb-ft of torque. The Enviolo automatic transmission will offer four different power levels.

The different models:

Two families for these bikes: MOSH / CTY and RUSH / CTY.

The MOSH / CTY with a 529 Wh battery and a range of 55 to 170 kilometers depending on the mode of use. Aluminum frame, hydraulic brakes and a weight of 22 kilos for this first model. The purchase price will be $ 3399
The RUSH / CTY will deliver around 185 kilometers of range thanks to its 706 Wh battery. It will also include a front and rear rack in its price of $ 4,449. It weighs a little heavier than the first since it weighs 27 kg!
The RUSH / CTY Step-Thru will be an alternative model to the previous one with a slightly lower price ($ 4,399). It is intended for smaller people, the frame being placed lower. It also has a lower autonomy due to its less powerful battery (509 Wh).
The RUSH / CTY Speed ​​will be the must of the brand but also the most expensive! $ 4999 for this electric bike. A 706 Wh battery for a range of 185 km.

Be careful though, Harley electric bicycle models may not be legal in France. The manufacturer’s data shows a speed between 30 and 45 km / h. French law prohibits electric bicycles traveling at more than 25 km / h. They will certainly exist in the United States, however.

Source: www.neozone.org

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