Innovation & Startup: Delfast, the electric bike with 400 km of autonomy is official!

Innovation & Startup: Delfast, the electric bike with 400 km of autonomy is official!

Electric bikes are all the rage right now. Just like almost all of the means of transport that are more respectful of the planet. This is why many manufacturers are entering this market supported by billions of states. New to the world of electric bikes, Delfast has just unveiled its own model with 400 km of range and a fairly premium price.

Delfast, a one-of-a-kind bike

Premium products are above all supposed to offer their owners new services in all circumstances.The Delfast bike will be no exception to this rule since it has a resolutely top-of-the-range design + exemplary finishes exude sobriety and purity rarely equaled in the industry.

You might even think that this is a Scandinavian product, so minimalist and successful.

Originally from Ukraine, this electrically assisted bicycle (eBike) is made of a metal frame. Laminated wood frame and fittings. However its big peculiarity is none other than its advertised autonomy of 392 km. Or 400 km. Or how to make the Paris-Nantes in one recharge. And with an electric bike. This is “the longest distance traveled in a single charge.”

Under its frame, there is a 1500 watt moped. This power is useful for climbing simple slopes. Or a little more full-bodied. The bike is indeed capable of reaching 0 to 100 km / h in 15 seconds. And not one more.

With a top speed of 25 km / h. This makes its registration compulsory. In France at least.

Not for everyone

Although the features of the Delfast are also enticing, it will unfortunately not be accessible to everyone. It will cost $ 5,199, or 4,750 euros, to acquire it. But at this price we have a machine that combs the codes of the current market for electric bikes.


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