Innovation & Startup: Ducati launches a revolutionary folding bike

Innovation & Startup: Ducati launches a revolutionary folding bike

You obviously know the motorcycles of the Ducati brand? Well the famous brand has decided to launch a whole new range of electric bikes. And the least we can say is that the Italian manufacturer has done very well! Indeed, bicycles are obviously respectful of the environment and particularly efficient. We tell you everything!

A nice bike

The electric bike is called the Ducati E-Cycle. The finishes are absolutely perfect and the lines ultra modern. We therefore find a high-end electric bike, which is broken down into three ranges. And the little extra that makes all the difference is that the bike is foldable.

The three bikes are intended for different audiences. Indeed, the Urban-E is ideal for city dwellers who cycle in the city center. If you want to use your bike only to go to work, for example, this is the one to choose from. But Ducati goes even further, also offering two more sporty versions, for those who want to go for a walk in the countryside!

Sports versions

Ducati’s SCR-E and SCR-E Sport are fitted with much wider tires for nature tours. These models weigh 25 kilos, and their range can go up to 70 kilometers, obviously depending on the paths that will be taken. There is no doubt that these bikes are ultra efficient and will allow users to make pretty routes with ease and without anxiety!

Marketing should begin very soon. As of yet, no date or price has been announced by Ducati, but you’d think these pretty bikes will be available this fall. They are particularly eagerly awaited by fans of the brand, which once again stands out with innovative and efficient products. Well done !


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