Juggernaut HD Duo: this electric bike has an impressive range (320 km)

Juggernaut HD Duo: this electric bike has an impressive = Bike

Investing in an electric bike not only saves the environment, using this type of machine also helps maintain the body, especially because of the ability to pedal. However, it is clear that current electric bikes, like most existing electric vehicles, suffer from a lack of autonomy. Few of the models are capable of driving more than 100 km on a single charge. A weakness that Biktrix has been able to transform into a strong point on its Juggernaut HD Duo.

Up to three batteries …

The power supply of this eBike is able to accumulate a capacity of 2002 Wh. The frame of the Juggernaut HD Duo contains, among other things, two 910 Wh batteries that promise a theoretical range of around 160 km. It is possible to install a third battery to increase endurance to 320 km on a single full charge, which is roughly the distance between Paris and Metz.

In addition to this incredible range, know that this new electric bike from Biktrix has a 1500 W mid-drive electric motor. Capable of generating a torque of 160 Nm, this Bafang BBSHD powertrain is associated with a Shimano Deore 10-speed transmission. . And since we are talking about speed, know that the machine is able to go up to 56 km / h.

The Juggernaut HD Duo was therefore designed to be robust. This robustness does not only concern its general performance, it is also verified in the construction. In addition to opting for a sturdy frame, the Canadian company used thick wheels that handle gravel, sand, snow and asphalt equally well.

A pedaling assistance sensor

Note also that the Juggernaut HD Duo has an RST Guide suspension fork and 180mm Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. A touchpad and LCD dashboard are provided for intuitive interaction. Note also the presence of an intelligent pedaling assistance sensor to measure the efforts exerted by the cyclist.

Juggernaut HD Duo: this electric bike has an impressive = Juggernaut HD Duo. Photo credit: Biktrix

To make your nighttime trips safe, the eBike is equipped with a 100 lumen headlamp. It is even possible to opt for a lamp of 2000 lumens. In terms of price and availability, the Biktrix Juggernaut HD Duo currently costs $ 1399 on Indiegogo. Deliveries should begin in March 2021. Finally, note that five color options are available.

Source: www.neozone.org

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