Keepa: this extension monitors the price history of a product on Amazon (useful for fake promotions)

Keepa: this extension displays the Bike

As the holiday season quickly approaches, e-merchants are poised to face increased sales. For internet users, the holiday season is the perfect time to stock up on shopping because of the almost general drop in prices. The Keepa extension was created to allow us to compare the prices of a given product. It is a tool that works with almost all web browsers. However, it only displays items for sale on Amazon.

An extension for better savings

No matter what product interests you on Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce platform, Keepa will give you the ability to perform a quick and efficient price comparison. Thanks to a graphic that appears on the screen, you can choose the ideal time to buy an item or find the cheapest offer for the same product.

This visual element also displays the history of millions of products directly in the platform’s product pages. It is also possible to set up follow-up alerts and thus receive a notification when the item of our choice falls below a price threshold that we have defined in advance.

Also note that the extension works with new and used products. The same is true for offers from Amazon and those from resellers. In addition, Keepa was designed to allow monitoring of prices on the various branches of the e-commerce giant, among others, Amazon France, Amazon US, Amazon Spain or even Amazon UK, to mention only these platforms.

A concrete example

Consider the cheapest electric bike on Amazon. The Windgoo Folding Electric Bike at € 279.99 incl. If we believe the information from Keepa, the price of the bike has only dropped since October 27.

Keepa: this extension displays the Screenshot Keepa:

A practical extension accessible to all

Thanks to the relevance and diversity of the information it offers us to observe, Keepa is an ideal tool for those who want to save money as much as possible on Amazon. The features it embeds are also essential to personalize the results according to our requirements and our choices.

Given its effectiveness, the tool is not only made for those who are constantly looking for good deals, but also for Internet users who wish to be kept informed of a future promotional offer; short for everyone. Note that Keepa can be used throughout the year, but not just during a business event or party.


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