Lab’Elle: A sustainable electric scooter made in France

Lab’Elle: A sustainable electric scooter made in France Bike

Since the start of deconfinement, the French have favored bicycles and electric vehicles to circulate in the city. Sales of scooters and bicycles are exploding. The Nîmes start-up Airlab Industrie designs, manufactures and assembles the Lab’Elle, a high-end electric scooter in France. A sustainable and safe alternative to self-service electric scooters that are not disinfected with each use, have a shorter lifespan and are made in Asia.

Lab’Elle: A sustainable electric scooter made in France

Designed to last, the Lab’Elle required two years of research and development to offer a reliable product, with a refined design and using noble materials: beech wood from the Vosges forests for its large platform allowing better comfort of driven with the feet side by side, the Italian leather is made by an ESAT in Béziers, technical components such as the battery are made in Cantal, and many small technical parts connecting the straps and the beech are machined at a sub- treating based in Valence, without forgetting the electrical connectors and screws which are French!

The Lab’Elle features an aluminum frame with 10mm elastomeric suspension, 10 ″ front and 8 ″ rear wheels. It has a 36V Brushless motor with a power of 500W for a speed of 25km / h and a mounted capacity of 15%, there is also a Panasonic Lithium-Ion battery of 378 W / h (3 to 4 hours of charge) offering a range of 25 to 40 km. Its front and rear disc brakes allow up to 30% battery regeneration, while it also has up to 10% recharge! Note that the maximum user weight goes up to 120kg, the Lab’Elle weighing 12.5 kg.

Lab’Elle: A sustainable electric scooter made in France

The Lab’Elle Véloce is priced at € 995 in a fixed handlebar version, and La Lab’Elle Véloce in a folding handlebar version is priced at € 1,095. For a wooden floor with the personalized grip, it takes an additional 100 €.


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