Malaguti announces a range of off-road, trekking and city VAEs

Malaguti announces a range of off-road, trekking and city VAEs

The Italian motorcycle brand Malaguti is making a big splash on the electric-assisted bicycle market with no less than eight models ranging from enduro, all-mountain, X-country VTTAE through to trekking and city VAE.

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After Ducati, Harley Davidson, Triumph and Yamaha, here is another motorcycle manufacturer entering the juicy electric bicycle market. This is Malaguti, a venerable Italian brand born in 1930 which is now owned by the Austrian group KSR. The transalpine company is launching with eight VAE models which cover the main segments: the electric mountain bike, the trekking electric mountain bike and the urban electric mountain bike.

We start with the VAE for the city with two models: the Malaguti Bolognina WV3.0 and the Pescarola WV5.0. Both have a low-rise aluminum frame and 70mm fork but their setup is quite different. The Bolognina is entry-level with a Bosch Active Line 250 W motor that delivers a torque of 40 Nm. Its external battery is a Bosch PowerPack of 400 Wh. The bike is equipped with mudguards, a kickstand, a rear rack and lighting. It is announced at 2,299 euros.

The Pescarola is a little more opulent and enduring with a Bosch Active Line Plus 250 W motor which develops 50 Nm. Its PowerTube 500 Wh battery is integrated in the lower tube. A gain in power and autonomy which motivates its higher price of 2,699 euros.

For those who want an electric bike for the backpacker, Malaguti has two trekking models: The Carezza TRT4.0 and the Cortina TRT5.0. Always an aluminum frame with low spanning (They are declined in version with high spanning), a fork of 75mm, but one passes on a motor more torque Bosch Performance Line CX, 250 W of 85 Nm. The difference between the two models is made. at the battery level, a Bosch PowerPack 500 Wh for the Carezza and Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh for the Cortina, as well as the diameter of the wheels: 28 inches for the first and 29 inches for the second. The Carezza TRT4.0 costs 2,799 euros while the Cortina TRT5.0 costs 3,199 euros.

Cross-country, all-mountain and enduro e-bikes

We then move on to mountain biking with four models that cover the main categories: cross-country (XC), all-mountain and enduro.

The Brenta HT5.0 is an aluminum semi-rigid cross-country e-MTB with a 120mm Suntour fork, 29-inch wheels and a Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain. The motor is a Bosch Performance Line CX, 250 W, 85 Nm powered by a 625 Wh PowerTube battery. Malaguti positioned it at 3,199 euros.

For the all-mountain category, there are two full-suspension models with 29-inch front and 27.5-inch rear wheels: the Civetta FS6.0 and the Civetta FS6.1. Bosch Performance Line CX motor, 250 W, 85 Nm and 500 Wh battery for the first. Bosch Performance Line CX, 250 W, 85 Nm and 625 Wh battery for the second. The fork travel is the same (150mm), but it’s the brand that differs: Rockshox 35 Gold for the FS6.1 and SR Suntour Zeron 35 for the FS6.0. Here again, it is on the assembly and the capacity of the battery that the price difference is played out: 3,999 euros for the Civetta FS6.0 and 4,499 euros for the Civetta FS6.1.

We end with the big enduro e-MTB, the Malaguti Superiore LTD. We are still on a 29 / 27.5 inch hybrid configuration for DT Swiss wheels. The Bosch Performance Line CX, 250 W motor offers a torque of 85 Nm and the battery is a 625 Wh. The build is a bit more qualitative than on the other models, with a 160mm Fox 36 Float Factory fork, Fox Float DPX2 Factory rear shock, Shimano XT drivetrain and brakes. The price is to match: 5,499 euros.

Note that Malaguti does not communicate on the autonomy of these electric bikes. Their marketing will take place from February 2021. Their availability in France is not confirmed for the moment.

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