Metropolitan: discover the summary of our new Semester

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By Xavier Paccagnella
Posted on Dec 13, 20 at 9:05 am
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The new issue of Métropolitain, our lifestyle semester, is now available.

Contents: a meeting with the star host of France Télévisions, Stéphane Bern, whose passion for history and heritage has led to the most enviable, but also the most delicate of missions: to identify, inventory and safeguard the heritage treasures of our beautiful and great country.

In a 12-page interview (and in a video to be discovered soon on our Facebook page), he talks about his commitment alongside Emmanuel Macron to try to save our monuments, sometimes against all odds. By going to the site of the Notre-Dame du Lieu-Plaisant hermitage, in Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert, we will thus discover how the Mission Bern acts in practice as close as possible to us.

Metropolitan: discover the summary of our new Semester


There is a project near Montpellier that caught your attention.

You are referring to Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert. It’s a village that I know very well. You will not have escaped your notice that the first year that I presented The Favorite Village of the French on France Télévisions, Saint-Guilhem came in second in the standings. And for good reason, it is a wonder! When I saw his name among all the files, it clicked immediately. The aim here was to rehabilitate the Notre-Dame du Lieu-Plaisant hermitage, which is of enormous heritage interest since it is one of the few of its kind to keep the original of the papal bull!

We can attest to pilgrimages here since the 16th century, even if its state of advanced peril now precludes receiving anyone there. However, the goal of the restoration undertaken today is to repair the ravages of time in order to reopen the doors once and for all. But we have projects all over the place.

Not far from Saint-Guilhem precisely, there is a small town, Montbazin, whose mill, present since the 15th century, has lost its wings and its roof. For lack of means, its owners helplessly witness its progressive ruin. It moved me. Especially since I am very attached to the mills. I find they tell our story in their own way. And then, this is what we call “small heritage”. Here again, we must act and protect because, I would remind you, budgetary appropriations are only intended for classified or registered heritage. The object of my mission is also to save monuments that are not protected, that no one is helping. I also see a political dimension (…)


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A total of 196 news-pleasure pages to discover in digital or paper version.

Where to find it?

The Metropolitan magazine is available free of charge at over 350 transit points in the Hérault department. Métropolitain is also the only self-service press ticket available in the boarding halls of Montpellier and Béziers airports.

It is also possible to subscribe to its weekly version to receive it directly at home.



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