Stalker Mad Bike Carnivore, the “world’s most powerful” all-terrain electric bike

Stalker Mad Bike Carnivore, the all-terrain electric bike Bike

Stalker Mad Bike Carnivore, the all-terrain electric bike Photo credit:

“The most powerful mountain bike in the world” has just seen the light of day. It is the work of the young French shoot Stalker mad bike, based in Indre. The name of the brand itself is quite evocative. In fact, in hunting jargon, stalker is synonymous with caution or even surveillance. With the Carnivore, the company founded and directed by Andrei Mochkovitch, 25, aims very high by offering us an eBike with unique performances!

An electrically assisted bicycle like no other

The Stalker Mad Bike Carnivore is distinguished above all by its large wheels, which allow it to ride both in sand and snow. This “fat-tire” design will also prove its worth when hiking in a muddy environment. It should be noted that the company positions the Carnivore as its flagship model. This is why in addition to its design that has nothing to envy competing electric bikes, the performance is unmatched.

Before we go any further, it should be noted that the machine offers a maximum load of 150 kg and is suitable for a person measuring up to 2.10 m. Its 48 V / 30 A Bafang motor installed on the central part of the frame provides a torque of 160 Nm. Enough to navigate a steep slope despite its weight of 36 kg.

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Stalker Mad Bike Carnivore, the Stalker Mad Bike Carnivore, the “most powerful” all-terrain electric bike in the world

Up to 120 km of autonomy

In terms of range, the Carnivore can cover a distance of 120 km on flat ground thanks to its two batteries hidden in its aluminum frame. Its top speed is 78 km / h. Since this speed far exceeds that provided for by law for an eBike, Stalker Mad Bike has set up an on-board computer that allows the electric bike to be clamped at 25 km / h on public roads and at 45 km / h for use equivalent to an electric moped.

According to Andrei Mochkovich, “use on private land is free”. This means that to take advantage of the actual performance of the Stalker Mad Bike Carnivore, you will need to find a suitable location. A control is also provided to allow movement without having to pedal. The bike has a luggage rack and can also be used as a tractor. All of this obviously comes at a cost. With its selling price of € 7,990, the Carnivore is currently the manufacturer’s most expensive off-road pedelec.


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