still as compact but even more practical

still as compact but even more practical

Tern, a Taiwanese manufacturer of electric bicycles, is launching a new version of its cargo VAE with an impressive technical sheet.

It is the length of an ordinary bicycle (1.86m) but it can carry up to three people (one adult + two children) or 200 kg of freight. Since its launch in 2017, the Tern GSD electric cargo bike has been a benchmark in its category. The Taiwanese brand is capitalizing on this success by launching a new improved version of the GSD which is intended to be even more practical and versatile. The stiffness of the frame has been further enhanced to prevent the bike from pitching under heavy loads while the geometry has been adapted to better suit taller riders. The GSD is available in a single frame size that can adjust for people between 1.50 and 1.95 meters tall thanks to its telescopic saddle and adjustable height and tilt cockpit.

This electric bicycle adopts a tubular structure on its rear part which allows it not only to support a significant load but also to be accessorized at will depending on whether one wants to transport an adult passenger, two children and / or freight. The GSD is impressive in terms of versatility, so much so that Tern sees it as an ideal substitute for the automobile in urban areas. To facilitate its use, the manufacturer has added a double kickstand that deploys and retracts from a handlebar control. In addition, its size can be reduced by a third by bending the head tube and lowering the saddle. Another very well thought out tip, the rear part of the frame is fitted with feet which allow the bike to be stored vertically. Convenient to store it without taking up too much space in a small cellar or an apartment for those who do not have much space.

A Bosch Cargo Line 85 Nm electric motor

Another important development is the integration of the new Bosch electric motor from the Cargo Line range specially designed for this type of pedelec. It develops 85 Nm of torque and promises more efficient assistance at low pedaling frequency. What to help with starting with a heavy load, for example. The Bosch Cargo Line is compatible with dual battery assemblies which, in the case of the GSD R14, can accumulate twice 500 Wh for a maximum range of 206 km. In the basic configuration with a 400 Wh (Tern GSD S10) or 500 Wh (Tern GSD S00) battery, the range is respectively 85 and 101 km.

The most opulent model, the GSD R14, is afforded the luxury of a Rohloff 14-speed hub, which is considered the Rolls-Royce of transmissions. This model, as well as the GSD S00, replace the classic chain by a Gates belt without maintenance. The three new GSDs are all equipped with an anti-theft device installed on the front wheel and a Suntour hydraulic fork with 70mm of travel to improve comfort. The 20-inch wheels and the very low center of gravity ensure good stability and facilitate maneuvering for small cyclists. Braking is entrusted to powerful four-piston Magura MT5s.

As you will probably have guessed, such benefits for an electric bicycle are not given. It takes around 5,000 euros for the GSD S10, more than 6,000 euros for the GSD S00 and more than 9,000 euros for the GSD R14. To these prices are obviously added the accessories which are for the most part optional. It is obviously very expensive, but this type of bike is aimed either at enthusiasts who swear by this mode of transport or at companies which make delivery.

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