Switch: ON and Precede: ON: two high-end electric bikes from Canyon

Switch: ON: high-end electric bikes from Canyon Bike

Based in Koblenz, Germany, Canyon Bicycles GmbH is renowned for the quality and reliability of its products. The brand notably designs road bikes, mountain bikes, competition bikes and children’s bikes. Taking advantage of the current boom in the electric bicycle market, it recently lifted the veil on two models: the Commuter: ON and the Precede: ON.

Canyon Commuter: ON, a powerful and lightweight electric bike

Part of the Commuter range, the Commuter: ON is an urban bike that benefits from an aluminum frame. In fact, for this model, Canyon offers two types of frames, one is a “cradle” type, while the other has a more traditional shape. The Commuter: ON has been designed to be easily transportable. On the scale, it weighs just 17.2 kg in size M. A weight that is below average, the company said in a statement.

This Canyon eBike also features a Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain. For braking, the manufacturer has opted for a system comprising two Shimano MT200 discs. Front lighting is provided by a LIGHTSkin Ultra Mini lamp, while for rear lighting Canyon has fitted a Supernova E3 Tail Light 2.

On the performance side, the Commuter: ON depends on a Fazua Evation electrical system which includes a removable 250 Wh battery and a 250 W motor. This combination allows the bike to display a theoretical autonomy of 75 km / h for a maximum speed. of 25 km / h.

Switch: ON: high-end electric bikes from CanyonThe electric bike Switch: ON. Photo credit: Canyon

Precede: ON, an even more powerful model with a futuristic look

For its part, the Canyon Precede: ON is made for those who want to get an even more efficient electric bike. Its design is no exception. Thanks to its carbon frame, associated with its futuristic look, this new electric two-wheeler from the German firm will meet the requirements of city cyclists. Designed for city use, it can even tow a small trailer. Its luggage carrier offers a maximum load of 25 kg, which is greater than its weight, which varies between 22 and 23 kg depending on the variants.

Precede: ON: high-end electric bikes from CanyonThe Precede Electric Bike: ON. Photo credit: Canyon

Speaking of these versions of the Precede: ON, know that the bike comes in two types of frames: cradle and traditional. Thanks to its design, the machine won the German Design Award 2021. The Canyon Precede: ON is equipped with a Bosh Kiox display.

On the motor side, it is powered by a Bosch motor coupled to a 500 Wh battery. The manufacturer promises up to 65 km of autonomy. Note that endurance will vary depending on the rider’s weight. Best of all: the transmission is via a belt instead of a chain. The Commuter: ON and Precede: ON are already available at the respective base prices of € 3,299 and € 4,299.

Source: www.neozone.org

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