[Test] Gogoro Eeyo 1S: a huge crush for an extraordinary bike

[Test] Gogoro Eeyo 1S: a huge crush for an extraordinary bike Bike

Gogoro, a very funny name for our Western ears in any case it must be admitted, is a builder based in Taiwan. A name that seems unknown to you? In reality, know that it is to them that we owe the electric scooter to the atypical lines of the Coup free floating service. You should also know that at Gogoro we find a certain Cher Wang, co-founder and former president of HTC … The brand has developed many technologies for its scooters and we find a good part of them in the bikes arriving in France.

[Test] Gogoro Eeyo 1S: a huge crush for an extraordinary bike

An exceptional design

The Eeyo 1S is an electrically assisted bicycle with a resolutely sporty positioning and which relies heavily on its design without forgetting the purely technological aspect. Its price is 4,699 €, a nice sum certainly, but rather justified. The first contact leaves us speechless. The bike sports a fully carbon frame with superb and rather original lines. Indeed, the rigidity of the carbon fiber used eliminates the need for the traditional seat tube. The frame in satin white shows no fitting, because it is simply unibody. This is all the more superb since most of the cables run inside the frame and the electrification of the bike is particularly discreet, but we’ll get to that later. The bow accommodates a fork which is also built in carbon. We find the same magical material as it combines rigidity and lightness for the 28-inch wheels and the handlebars of the bike as well as on the short seat post.

Unlike most cycle neo-brands, which for reasons of inventory and industrial tool management, often only offer one size, Gogoro offers its Eeyo 1S in four sizes for people measuring between 1 m 65 and 1 m 90.

Only 11.9 kg!

The heart of the Eeyo 1S beats to the beat of the Smartwheel. Quèsaco? This is a block located in the hub of the rear wheel of the bike that concentrates the motor, the battery and the sensors necessary for the operation of the assistance! Let’s start with the engine. With a power of 250 W in order to comply with European legislation, it delivers a torque of 20 Nm which can be poor when compared to Bosch central motors for example which offers at least 3 times more or even compared to other motors hub like the one on the VanMoof S3. But the numbers aren’t everything, trust us … This engine relies on a battery with a capacity of 123 Wh. Here too, it is far less than the competition … Finally, all the sensors are discreetly integrated into this block made of aluminum. For the management of assistance, two modes are available, Eco and Sport, everything happens on the application that accompanies the bike, an application more essential than ever. It is also thanks to it that you will be able to understand the charge level of the small battery which is said to be able to offer the Eeyo 1S a range of 60 km in Sport mode and 90 km in Echo mode. The combination of the Smartwheel and many carbon components, starting with the frame, achieves the exceptional weight of 11.9 kg! This is for example 7 kg less than a VanMoof S3 previously tested by us. Gogoro claims the status of the lightest pedelec in the world. This is not far from being true since while searching we found only one product capable of stealing this position from him: the Scoot Addict eRide Premium given for 10.75 kg. A very high-end outright road bike.

[Test] Gogoro Eeyo 1S: a huge crush for an extraordinary bike

A particular positioning

The Eeyo 1S is based on a Gates Carbon Drive transmission belt with all the advantages of this technology: ultra-low maintenance, no sludge messing up the bottom of your pants, reliability and quiet operation. The belt is designed in one piece unlike a metal chain which has a quick link to put in place. To slide the belt, the frame of the Gogoro has a small aluminum part on the right stay which can be removed. Smart and discreet. The wheels are 28 inches in carbon with 700 x 28 tires. It is rather narrow and the almost smooth tread suggests behavior to watch, especially on wet roads. For braking, we find a 160mm disc up front clamped by a TRP mechanical caliper. At the rear, the choice is rather original with pad brakes positioned on the bases of the bike just after the bottom bracket. The Eeyo 1S comes with small, high-quality metal pedals. From the cockpit you can admire the superb carbon handlebars. The saddle has a narrow profile. It sits on a short carbon seat post that only offers a few inches of latitude for height adjustment. The operation is complex since it is necessary to remove a rubber cover and several screws. Take care of the first setting then do not touch anything!

You will understand, this bike does not bother with fenders, luggage racks, or even a kickstand. For lighting. You will have to make do with a small headlight and a do-it-yourself tail light that work with batteries and regulatory reflectors. Essential accessories for many urban users. The people of Gogoro know this of course, but never mind. They clearly position their bikes elsewhere, intended for purists who love beautiful objects, sports enthusiasts … A thoroughbred who will not necessarily walk the asphalt every day. Note, however, that the fork has fixings for a possible mudguard. At the rear, you will need to use a model that clamps onto the seat post.

An efficient engine

Before getting on the bike, we charge the battery. Gogoro definitely does nothing like the others. The connector takes the shape of a U-shaped piece which is placed around the axis of the road on the left. A blue LED indicates that the operation is in progress. Our copy is in size M which corresponds according to the nomenclature of the brand to the right size for people measuring between 1.75 m and 1.80 m. Choosing the right size is particularly important on this bike, because as we have already mentioned the saddle height adjustment range is very limited. For our part, size M. is perfect for our 176 cm. We simply adjust the angle of the brake controls and connect the Eeyo 1S to our iPhone through the app. Once in sport mode, we leave for a first crossing of Paris. Once the apprehension of the first few meters has passed, we pick up the pace. With its very low weight, the bar of 25 km / h is very quickly reached: performance is unsurprisingly excellent. The kilometers follow one another with all the more pleasure as the whole is rather quiet, thank you to the transmission belt. The engine hums a bit, but the marque is hinting at a software update that should remove that little noise that isn’t bothersome. Also note that this update should bring an OFF mode in order to ride without using assistance, something impossible in this state.

Despite its limited torque, the engine provides good acceleration. The rigidity of the carbon frame and its integration into the rear hub allow each of its newton-meters to reach the asphalt. The Smartwheel provides controlled and fluid assistance. The electronics and the software management of the engine are able to avoid the jerks that are often noticeable on hub motors. When you exceed 25 km / h, friction is minimal and it is therefore possible to travel at almost 30 km / h with complete peace of mind. Soon we are approaching the slopes of Belleville. Things are bound to get a bit more complicated, as the Eeyo 1S is single-speed, but its motor comes to the rescue and allows you to get to the top without having to get into the red or even dance. Obviously, the brand’s engineers have mastered their business well.

Feel the road

Carbon fiber is a material that offers, in addition to its featherweight, great rigidity conducive to performance. This allows here to “compensate” for the integration of an engine that is not the most powerful on the market. By working the braiding of the fiber, it is also possible to offer it good vibration absorption capacities. This is not really the case here. The crevices of the road are broadcast with pleasure by the bicycle. Going through paved sections is like a good Power Plate session. We sometimes had the impression that everything was going to break on the bike, but nothing was moving. You will understand that this is not the most comfortable eBike there is. The ultra-stiff frame isn’t helped by the rather narrow tires. While it is possible to fit slightly larger models at the rear, it is not possible at the front.

For the rest, and if the bitumen is of good quality, the Eeyo 1S offers a very well studied geometry. The position is sporty without excess, with a bust that remains straight enough to allow good peripheral vision of your surroundings. This also relieves the lower back on long outings. The behavior of the bike is excellent. He is playful and easily weaves his way between obstacles… there are many of them in Paris, including on the cycle paths. At high speed, stability is retained. The narrow saddle suited us as well as the curve of the handlebars. The pedals grip the soft rubber of sports shoes very well. The low weight of the bike impresses, because this quest for the gram did not come at the expense of the rigidity of the frame.

OK the Eeyo 1S is capable of going really fast, but does it stop with the same efficiency? Up front, the TRP disc does not offer the feel of a hydraulic system, but it shows sufficient power while maintaining a certain degree of progress. We were less convinced by the device at the rear. Despite several attempts to adjust it, including by a professional, it remained noisy. Also, at times we had the impression that nothing was happening and suddenly we pushed the brake levers harder to achieve a virtual lock-up.

Autonomy, limited, but sufficient

With its very small battery, this bike cannot claim an excessive autonomy. On average we achieved in sport mode (and having fun in terms of acceleration) an average range of 25 km. By using Eco mode, much less fun it must be admitted, the autonomy is doubled. This is certainly lower than the competition, but still in reasonable proportions given the differential in battery capacity. Nevertheless, for pleasure use in the city, this could be suitable for many users who will have realized that daily recharging is necessary. As they did with their smartphones … The relatively compact AC adapter fits quite easily in a backpack. Users who enjoy long outings as part of a more sporty practice of cycling can legitimately be unsatisfied.

The weight imbalance has not proven to be a real problem with use. This is mainly felt when it comes to carrying the bike: you can see that the vast majority of the bike’s weight is concentrated in the rear.

Where to buy it?

The Gogoro Eeyo 1S is available at a price of 4699 euros on the official website of the manufacturer.

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