This agile electric motocross like a bike will surprise you

This agile electric motocross like a bike will surprise you Bike

Kuberg, a Czech manufacturer specializing in electric motorcycles for young and old, is launching a model equipped with a variable-height saddle that allows it to be used in a conventional sitting position or to lower it for more committed off-road riding.

Mountain bikers who practice mountain biking are usually all equipped with a dropper post, which makes it possible to attack descents by lowering its center of gravity and moving the body backwards without being hampered. Kuberg, a Czech brand specializing in electric motocross for adults and children, had the good idea to take inspiration from this system to create a hybrid machine, halfway between the dirt bike and the electric scooter.

The Ranger is equipped with a motorcycle saddle mounted on a hydraulic cylinder that allows it to be lowered to the lowest of the frame with a very sloping profile, as can be seen on trial bikes. The wide platforms that act as toe clips associated with the very low center of gravity provide stability and maneuverability that will reassure novices and offer seasoned pilots the agility necessary to send wood downhill.

To lower the saddle of the Ranger, we use this push button located on the handlebar grip. © Kuberg

Up to 97 km of autonomy and energy recovery under braking

Kuberg has developed its own brushless electric motor as well as the accompanying controller. As a result, the assembly develops up to 14 kW in its most powerful configuration and allows the Ranger to reach 80 km / h. At this rate, the range does not exceed 30 km, but the eco mode offers up to 97 km. A braking energy recovery device can restore up to 15% of range. On the suspension side, it is provided at the front by a Manitou fork with 180mm of travel and at the rear by a DNM Burner RCP-3 spring shock absorber. On the scale, the Kuberg Ranger displays 50 kg, which is rather light for this type of machine.

For backpackers who would like to embark on long-distance hikes, the manufacturer offers an optional trailer that allows, for example, to carry camping equipment. To launch this electric motorcycle, Kuberg chose to go through crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The Ranger is offered in a 14 kW version at 3,941 euros instead of its final selling price of 6,500 euros. The 8 kW version is a little more affordable at 3,467 euros instead of 5,300 euros. The first deliveries are scheduled from November. For those who have some reservations about this type of financing, know that Kuberg was born nine years ago and has its own assembly plant. The company says it has sold more than 7,000 electric motorcycles around the world and has already exceeded the target of its Indiegogo campaign.

This agile electric motocross like a bike will surprise you

Kuberg offers an optional trailer that can carry up to 30 kg of payload. © Kuberg

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