This awesome electric motorcycle costs almost as much as a Tesla Model 3

The Novus cockpit is equipped with an LED screen, but the driver can also use his smartphone. © Novus Bike

The German manufacturer Novus has just opened pre-orders for its electric motorcycle with an avant-garde design and all in carbon fiber. Beautiful but overpriced.

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Presented in 2019 at the Consumer Electronics Show, the Novus electric motorcycle won over with its very sleek carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Here it is finally ready for marketing with the opening of pre-orders. The first deliveries are expected from 2022. It will take patience, but also a well-stocked bank account to be able to sit on a Novus whose base price starts at 46,284 euros. This is roughly the price of a Tesla Model 3 Autonomie Standard Plus (49,600 euros).

“We don’t build motorcycles, we create desires,” Novus says on its website. It takes such a slogan to justify this elitist positioning for an electric motorcycle whose performance is nothing short of breathtaking. The motor housed in the rear hub develops 18 kW of peak power and 200 Nm of torque. The maximum speed announced is 120 km / h and 0 to 50 km / h would be reached in 3 seconds. The 4.3 kWh battery is housed in the lower part of the frame. Its announced autonomy is 100 km based on the speeds authorized in town. Thirty minutes of charging restores 80% of the battery’s capacity, says Novus. The motorcycle is equipped with an energy recovery system which activates when the throttle grip is released or when the rear brake is applied.

The Novus cockpit is equipped with an LED screen, but the driver can also use his smartphone. © Novus

The Novus weighs only 75 kg

The Novus impresses above all with the massive use of carbon fiber. All parts, including wheels, handlebars and forks, are made from this material. The frame of the electric motorcycle weighs only 7 kg for a total weight (including battery) of 75 kg. The Novus plays the connected card with a color Led screen integrated into the handlebars on which you can also attach a smartphone which serves as the unlocking key for the motorcycle via NFC technology. The mobile application allows you to adjust certain performance settings and choose from the three available power levels.

The Novus is undoubtedly a beautiful object. Rare, with a unique design and handcrafted. But it is not the only exceptional electric motorcycle to woo the wallets of the wealthy privileged.

In this “horizon silver” livery, the Novus costs even more: 47,402 euros. © Novus

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