This electric bike is the lightest in the world. Guess how much he weighs

This electric bike is the lightest in the world. Guess how much he weighs

A German engineer took on the challenge of creating the world’s lightest electric-assist bicycle. He succeeded at the cost of hunting for superfluous grams and a simple but very clever idea to start it motor / battery.

The bike in front of you is considered the lightest eBike in the world (prototype category) according to Guinness World Records. Called Freicycle, it weighs only 6.8 kg and is a unique model developed by Dennis Freiburg, a German engineer who set out to beat this record. For this, he set off on the basis of a Merida Scultura road bike whose frame weighs only a small kilo. It obviously made extensive use of carbon (fork, wheels, crankset, handlebars, seat post …) as well as 3D printing, especially for the pedals.

For propulsion, the engineer used a 600 W friction motor from a model helicopter. Covered with an abrasive coating, it is directly in contact with the rear wheel that it drives. To comply with European legislation on electric bicycles, the motor is limited to 250 W with an assistance which cuts off at 25 km / h. In theory, it could reach almost double (48 km / h).

The battery hidden in the can

For the battery, Dennis Freiburg transformed a hydration canister into a 137 Wh accumulator whose 3D printed cap acts as an on / off switch for the system. The motor / battery unit weighs less than 2 kg and the range is between 19 and 38 km.

Now comes the angry question: the price. The overall budget to create the Freicycle amounts to 20,000 euros. It’s obviously huge for a bike, even an electric one, but it’s the price of a record and a unique piece. And it is very likely that wealthy enthusiasts will be ready to pull out their checkbook if Dennis Freiburg ever agrees to produce replicas of this incredible featherweight electric bicycle.

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