This electric bike without hubs or spokes looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie

This electric bike without hubs or spokes looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie Bike

If it were necessary to award a prize for innovation in the field of electrically assisted bicycles, the Reevo would undoubtedly be among the most prominent candidates.

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Designed by Beno Technologies, the Reevo, an urban eBike with a spectacular design, is a concentrate never before seen on a bicycle. Let’s start with its incredible wheels without spokes or hubs, of course, which make it look like a sci-fi vehicle. The internal part being fixed, the manufacturer has even provided a storage bag system that hangs inside the wheel. Still not surprised? The 800 lumens Led lighting is also integrated into the wheels and is activated automatically thanks to a light sensor. The rear wheel is equipped with turn signals and a brake light.

Beno Technologies announces that the Reevo is equipped with a “triple barrier, impenetrable anti-theft system”. On the handlebars is a fingerprint reader which is supplemented by an electric padlock hidden in the frame, out of reach of the wire cutters. A GPS chip and a motion sensor allow the user to create a geofencing zone in order to follow from his smartphone any movement of the bike within a defined perimeter.

This electric bike without hubs or spokes looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie

Led lighting as well as turn signals and brake warning are integrated into the wheels. © Beno Technologies

A single-sided fork

The design of the Reevo is based on a monobloc frame which houses the 250W motor, the removable 48V battery as well as a very discreet retractable kickstand. The single-sided fork is in itself a great feat of engineering. Only the jaw brakes denote a bit in this decidedly futuristic set. Beno does not communicate on the performance of the engine or the autonomy of the battery which recharges in three hours.

The big unknown concerns the price of this extraordinary electric bike. Beno has opened registrations for pre-orders where first-time buyers will be entitled to a 40% discount. A very generous discount that suggests a high base price …

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